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Version 1.2 of 20.10.2011: Publication of the e-book "Relil - Religion und Lebensweg".

Introduction (revised: 23.04.2010)
What is the aim of this homepage?

Programme (revised: 12.12.2012)
Which political goals does the Relil have? • Explanation of the main goals, labour, education, family, finances, research, health, justice, qualification and development, protection of the living beings, security, social affairs, environment, consumer protection, traffic and economy

Labour (revised: 12.03.2010)
What is the future of the work world and how is labour fairly rewarded?

Education (revised: 23.12.2009)
What education one should have and how one should acquire it?

Democracy (revised: 25.01.2009)
Qualified democracy as new democracy form

Development (revised: 17.05.2009)
How is good development policy to organise?

Family (revised: 28.07.2009)
How can the family be strengthened and what is in the family policy to be observed?

Finances (revised: 15.01.2010)
How can the problem of debts and taxes be solved?

Health (revised: 15.01.2010)
What can be said to a responsible and fair health policy?

Security (revised: 13.01.2010)
What measures strengthen the security and how is world peace achieved?

Social Affairs (revised: 20.08.2009)
How can the social involvement in society be strengthened?

Environment (revised: 15.01.2010)
How can our environment be transferred into a state worthy before L?

Traffic (revised: 07.11.2009)
How is traffic policy usefully to organise?

World Government (revised: 26.09.2009)
How could it be built up? What could be its tasks?

Economy (revised: 19.09.2009)
How does qualified economic activity improve our economic system?

Bibliography (revised: 10.11.2011)
Books used

Subject Catalogue (revised: 23.04.2010)
Central terms

Definitions and Glossary (revised: 23.04.2010)
Terms used differently

Revisional history:

12.12.2012: Programme extended. #58
22.09.2010: Programme completed. #57
25.07.2010: Programme completed. #56
24.07.2010: Programme extended. #55
22.07.2010: Programme extended. #54
21.07.2010: Programme completed. #53
17.07.2010: Programme completed. #52
16.07.2010: Programme extended. #51
15.07.2010: Programme extended. #50
11.07.2010: Programme completed. #49

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