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Prayer of Dependence

[162] Your word is with difficulty bearable,
it is nevertheless hard, L,
fairly and wise, highest L.
You really shine through us,
with Your timeless divineness, L.

Nothing can exist without You.
This dependence is hard bread.
You give Yourself by this.
I give myself gladly back.
One cannot compare it, L.

Grant Your grace all days.
Without it is all nothing.
Unban me fairly betimes, L.
Give me an own realm,
in order to be servant.

Gladly I am completely fulfilled
of Your wonderful divineness, L.
Gladly I reflect it, too.
Leave me be joyfully drunken.
Never remove Yourself from me.

My thanks shall never end.
I love You over everything.
Forgive my numerous errors, L.
If I could, I would
compensate them all immediately again.

© 2006-2008 by Boris Haase

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