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Prayer About the Divine Characteristics

[476] Good You are, highest L.
Love, kindness, grace, joy, dignity
do proceed completely from You.
Moral, faithfulness, mildness, patience, lenience
attend completely Your wide heart.

Wise You are, dearest L.
Justice, responsibility, benevolence, self-control, risk-taking
describe completely Your right measure.
Righteousness, judgement, independence, mercy, discretion
mark completely Your wonderful qualities.

Beautiful You are, brightest L.
Proportion, fidelity, variety, adequateness, detailness
do constitute completely Your splendour.
Perfection-drive, efficiency, form-richness, number-sense, feeling-depth
show completely Your egregious striving.

Extraordinary You are, most-splendid L.
Grandeur, genius, potentiality, empathy, uniqueness
belong completely to Your nature.
Word-constancy, tolerance, selflessness, communication-joy, persuasion-power
obtain completely Your creatures affection.

Infinite You are, most-comprehensive L.
Holiness, knowledge, inventiveness, omnipresence, parallelism
Do show completely Your width.
Order, diversity, inexhaustibility, consequentiality, elusiveness
are wholly in Your agreement.

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