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September 2006 (About Love)


[216] With the foundation of the religion of love this speech is to centre love. Love is the highest, what we can show humans. Ideally we are flushed by the love of L. We do not want to go out of this again, since the feeling is so indescribably beautiful. L gave me this experience singularly. If we cannot have this, we should give our love. This presupposes in the highest form that we are completely refined and not conscious of any debt. [217] L works through us and we can give ourselves completely. We slur over possible errors of the others as over our own violability. We are completely impressed by the will to do well to others and to help. No effort is us too much, since we are concentrated fully to others. Only rough attacks are able to shake us. We see the other in zis whole beauty. [218] Our effort is continuous, as long as we are not repelled. The success of our efforts encourages us, the failure does not keep us from our way, but leads to a further attempt and a way with partial successes. We are inviolable by our catharsis. If we make mistakes, we try to adjust these by our good doings. We are not importunate, but attentive observing. [219] The understanding is not deactivated, but honed. Love is fulfilled with sense. We listen and reflect the heard. We evaluate everything and try to put it in perspective. We let the other perceive our deep love and turn our whole internal wealth outwards. The other one knows in every moment that we are good to zer. Ze feels Gods authority in us. If ze should not be sensitive for this, we lead zer carefully on the correct way. [220] We sense the to-do and abandon ourselves completely to it. We play completely a part in and refer to that we come from L, if there is opportunity. Our speech is cordial and benevolent. At injuries we do not take up a position of defence, but become more reserved. We refer to our intention and suspend the fear of the other. We go far beyond that as we expect to be treated ourselves. [221] We have a colourful language with interesting contents. The intellect is active in us and is transported outwards. We answer to the other with full sympathy. If our possibilities should be beneath the preceding, we give nevertheless the best possible. [222] We empathise into the other and melt into zis personality as far as it gets, without giving up our own one. If we terminate our engaged service at the other, we say good bye with the best wishes.

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