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November 2006 (About Annunciation)


[238] The correct way obtains also for the religion. A religion should be tolerant and let obtain many opinions. It should not want to proselytise, in order to drag as many people as possible on its side. Everyone that takes to it should be able to agree to it, if ze wants, in addition, be able to reject it, if ze wants. Ze can take it over for zerself and follow it or let it alone. Nobody dictates to zer; singly contents count. [239] L regards a religion without zer for inferior. That is zis good right. As long as L does not reveal zerself, however, to all humans, these have the right to doubt zis existence. A religion without L can approximate to one with zer also. Only one cannot serve L, if one does not believe in zer, and vice versa ze cannot be there for us. [240] L reigns in the background and those that look for zer will find zer. L did turn away, because we turned away, not the other way round. I experienced L and can therefore report on zer. But I am not the only one that loves L and L loves. There is no end of the persons who may announce of L. There is also no end of annunciation. Each time has its own enunciator and there will be further ones. [241] I made unusual experiences with L in space and time. Therefore, I am sure that it was zer who showed to me. I examined L exactly and ze passed all examinations broadly. I can speak with L in a dialogue. Ze examines me on and on and I am to go my own way. [242] I must remain a person of my time, cannot anticipate discoveries of the future except those that I already made. I examine my statements again and again anew. I would like to present to humans only the best of the things possible to me. I am not perfect and have my errors. In addition, I work on it. [243] I do not publish texts that are not sufficient for my claims. The texts are brief and dense, because it makes trouble to read babble. They are not simple thereby. Perhaps I will bring it sometime into a more pleasing form. One can criticise me. The received emails are taken to heart, since each criticism is in the quintessence justified. Therefore, I chose the form of the internet, although I plan sometime to release a book. [244] The texts of the speeches are kept more loosely. I wrote them simply down, in order to receive somewhat easily readable. There are no quotations, since everything is my own thoughts, if not specially is referred to something else. That troubles, but is, however, rewarded after all with quality.

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