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December 2006 (About Neale Donald Walsch)


[248] I read the conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. My considerations deviate a lot from his. Thus, L stands in my opinion far in excess of humans, so that hardly can be spoken of a unit of L and humans. L is infinite contrary to humans. The intellect is at least as important as the soul. Here most references are set. [249] The soul does not need to leave the body in the sleep, since it can care for the references to L. My L is by far not as nice as in the books. Ze has zis moods and always examines me. L has both a term of wrong and correct, since ze considers wrong what harms zis creation. One does not get rid of the impression "Anything goes" during the reading. [250] Ones fate is assigned to one by L. One can influence it minimally except, where one is entitled to the free choice. One is shaped by zis history, zis environment and zis disposition and can cancel this imprinting hardly again. Furthermore, it disturbs me at the books of Walsch the trivialising manner of speaking in that L partly speaks. [251] The time is linear and remains linear. It does not occur everything at the same time in one moment. There is not only the now, although it is characterised by particularly many references. The creation is not perfect, as one sees by the animals. The fact that animals must have to eat other animals and also humans have to kill animals is not correct. [252] Finally man is not as great as by Walsch, since ze is a finite reference system. There are more crucial emotions than fear and love. This is reference theoretically clear. Perfection is imperfect. Thus L is also imperfect. Walsch is quite right with the policy and consciousness, which has to be developed again. The religions limited too much indeed so far. [253] It is very improbable that the soul forgets as much that it wants after death again into another body. Why should it forget as much? It wants to develop always excelsior. Therefore, many reincarnations are improbable, if one matures. Also the question, how many souls there are, is not to be answered, since L can create constantly new souls and does so. [254] One can promise something easily, if one wants to express that one wants to do all in zis power, in order to hold the promise. I think that Walsch had actually inspirations of L that were filtered by zer. L communicates indeed knowledge, which can become obsolete. Thus, those that follow us obtain possibilities for the correction.

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