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January 2007 (About Death)


[256] The worst that can happen with death is that all our references are cancelled and we do not experience anymore. But then L left us and cannot give us zis eternal life, which ze has and would like to share with us. L loves us and it is intolerable to zer that ze has something that we (still) do not have. Ze gives us the eternal life piece by piece, so that we experience a continuous extension and improvement. [257] To ascend directly to L would mean that we dispute zis place and share the whole load of zis power. We would take away ourselves the experiences of zis being L, which began also once small and extended then more and more. We have the opportunity to enjoy the human community, which ze did not have, when ze began. We have thus an advantage, which results from zis grace. [258] Ze communicated to us in the Bible that we are gods. So we should believe zer concerning this and trust zer that ze arranges our further way pleasant. Some of us had to go through unpleasant experiences. But L is the compensatory judge who lets justice happen to us. This swings around a centre. But L knows what we require. [259] L offers also the absolute death, in which we experience nothing more. But we should always realise how beautiful life can be, and consider this concerning our decisions. The process of dying makes it more easily for our family members and our surrounding field to take leave of us. [260] If someone dies suddenly in the middle of zis life, this is significantly more severe. There is the happenstance, which allows this also. But there is compensation and time heals all wounds. We see all again after death that went before us. This becomes a whoopee. We do not need to be afraid of death, since it represents a marvellous metamorphosis. [261] L accompanies us through our life and when dying we may regard our past life in its present again and others get it to see also, in order to be able to appreciate us completely. Nobody needs to hide concerning zis life. L forgives us our errors, because ze is not perfect also. Ze has zis dark sides, which ze knows to master. [262] After death our physical defects are healed and we will be new, without losing our memories. We can express our desires concerning the new world, but L judges. We may hope that we will unite some day with L and that we live the most marvellous life, what we can imagine.

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