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February 2007 (About the Occupation of the Priest)


[274] The priest as mediator between L and humans takes an important position. Ze is pastor and researcher. Ze is after the internet first contact in questions of faith. Ze conducts the dominical service, in which ze reviews the central sermon text and enriches with personal remarks. In addition the service consists in singing to the honour of L, in the prayer and in the report from the church (like e.g. events). [275] Ze has psychologic basic knowledge. Ze guides the meditations and retreats. Ze conducts seminars and courses in matters of the faith. Ze annunciates the word of L and formulates prayers to pray again. Ze possesses knowledge of the existing traditional religions. Ze conducts marriage ceremonies, divorces and funerals before L. [276] Mainly is, however, the personal conversation with the believers as e.g. the consultation. Ze advises in abortion questions, also by establishing the according contacts. Thereto belongs also the education of the youth with concluding initiation. A baptism does not take place, since the real religious life begins firstly with the initiation and everything stands before under the care of L without special ceremony. Confession and repentance are replaced by the personal conversation. [277] The bishop conducts the ceremony for the accession into the priest and/or the religious order status. The priest has no obligation to neither poverty nor celibacy. Both are, however, qualities that can result via the sublimation in an eminently valuable practice of the occupation of the priest, since the priest can be devoted to zis occupation wholeheartedly. Special clothing is not intended for priests; monochromacity is to be preferred, however. [278] The priests elect the bishops, these among them a highest representative for the religion. The re-election of the bishops is possible for an unlimited period, that of the representative one-time. The electoral period is five years to the beginning of the year. The assignment of a bishop to a priest is made by the application of the priest at the bishop. A bishop may care for maximally 125 priests. If a bishop has less than 125 applications, ze may not reject an application. [279] The priests study. Content of teaching is: Theology, religious studies; psychology, sociology, philosophy, education of religion, pastoral care and basics of psychotherapy. As long as the finance is open, the priests perform their activity apart from their main profession. Priests are only responsible to L, respect however the laws valid for them.

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