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April 2007 (About Jesus Christ)


[294] Jesus Christ lets communicate me by L to correct zis statements in the Bible as follows: One may be angry with other humans, but the love for them should be a large one. One may covet a woman and does not commit adultery thereby, but the shame about it should be a large one, if the covetousness is not natural. One does not need to tear out oneself a part of the body, because it causes to sin, but the contrition should be a large one. [295] One may commit adultery, but the confession of guilt about it should be a large one. One is to repent and to do a large fair work before L about it. L is not perfect in the sense that ze is without mistakes, but ze is the best, which humans can imagine. One may worry about the world, since in it not everything does happen to the best. [296] One may judge and one is always measured after the measure of L. Also bad trees have their right of existence before L. They are led on the way to the good one like everything before L. Leader of humans is L alone, which judges alone (and not Jesus Christ) about humans. Jesus Christ is not alone the way, the truth and the life, but above all L, into which they evolve. [297] Everyone can go directly to L and does not need to choose the detour by Jesus Christ. The love for L is bigger than the love for friends. Since L spoke in Jesus Christ, this spoke always well. L would like to correct zerself, since the times changed. Also I will be outdated someday in my statements. Like that is the law of time. By these corrections one can measure that L is not perfect. [298] L loves Jesus Christ as zis son over all, in addition, me primarily, since I was characterised before other persons as the best one, what concerns the humans so far. I had policy world-wide and one gave to me every practicable power. I abdicated it for the sake of L and cancelled laws of nature by letting matter disappear. [299] It is thus not Jesus Christ alone who could work wonders. Each person who is characterised before and believes in L can work wonders, if L wants it. Only nobody prides zerself thereby, since all honour appertains to L. The Christianity is to renew itself, by bethinking again upon L and accepting zis new instructions. Not the cross should be symbol of the faith, but the broken cross, L, the name for L. [300] Also the Islam and the other religions are to bethink again upon L and think their faith over. Only newly the way leads to salvation.

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