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June 2007 (About the Nirvana)


[349] Nirvana is the status of statuslessness in that there is no more thinking, feeling and acting and one stripped off all mundane. It is deliverance from the cycle of rebirths. Despite its description as deathlessness it is the real death, thus the status, which L offers us, if we want to abnegate life. [350] We cannot say that nirvana stands above L, since it is only a status. One can attain and "experience" it by meditation. It is free from suffering and bliss, which, however, does not mean that it is the highest status that humans can attain, contrary to the equivalent unification with L. [351] One gets rid of all transitory, thus what one is not oneself, if one regards the self as the always persisting, imperishable part of its existence, but loses also ones life with all its ups and downs, which enrich it. Understood this way, the self cannot be experienced, in addition, remains empty, since the references are missing that constitute the "I". [352] To experience nirvana makes only sense in my eyes if one experienced all what can be experienced, what L intends for one. One needs to have thereby no fear that one cannot bear this, since L only makes us put up with what can be borne. Ze chooses also for zerself in this sense. The unbearable for us constitutes only a minor and the evil only a small part of zer. [353] L dies zerself and chooses a death suitable to zer, in order to create zerself then again. We have experienced then all expedient and are completely united with L. We have no more interest to cling to the old since this clinging is irrelevant to us. We are perfectly happy and look forward to what L will create again, after L died and we in zer. [354] L creates the worlds gradually newly, begins small and increases then. Since there is no remembrance of the old worlds, ze cannot say, whether everything runs exactly the same, as the runs before. We do not to begrudge zis new luck, which includes also suffering, since both are inevitably linked in life with another. [355] Now zis and our suffering, which consisted of having experienced all expedient for an "eternity" and not increasable, has an end. It was easy for L to create nirvana since ze needed only to dissociate all references from a self (status of referencelessness, self as nothing). [356] The frame of reference is it also that stays with us during our passage of the worlds, even if this is only limited at our disposal concerning a rebirth. Nirvana is an important part of L.

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