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August 2007 (About David Ramon Hawkins)


[397] In his trilogy Hawkins writes about consciousness and measures this in a scale from 1 to 1000 for, among others, humans. Their assignment to this scale is to be classified as extremely questionable, although it was reliably (?) measured with a kinesiologic muscle test. The highest levels are named love, peace and enlightenment, but were reached only by very few people. [398] Since Hawkins belongs to the enlightened persons, one should expect from him statements that are superior. That is, however, not the case: Everything can be achieved by thinking, except perhaps enlightenment itself. Thus, Christ, Buddha and Krishna attain the highest value of 1000. Hindering on the way to enlightenment should be the ego. [399] Therefore, one is to hand oneself over to L completely. Without the protection of the ego, one is, however, at the mercy of the powers that come across. Hawkins denies objective knowledge and does not explain his conception of God's omnipotence and omniscience. Truth can only be checked by being identical to it. [400] This statement disavows in my opinion his kinesiologic test methods, which likewise assign statements to his scale. It would represent divine power, if one could examine statements reliably only for their truth. Hawkins excludes certain persons as unsuitable and future statements, but he does not explain past and kingdom of heaven satisfactorily. [401] The impulses in the research were also missing so far. In the development of antibiotics e.g., a truth test would lead fast into the disaster, there one would fast dispose of all (!) antibiotics. One might use these only successively, however, in order to avoid resistance development. Who is to ensure that? The research results would develop exponentially. [402] But is that desirable? One thinks of humans who would have to follow this exponential development. We would depend strongly on technology, in order to take up and process this knowledge. The lie because of love would not be possible any longer: Everyone would experience the merciless truth. Altogether life would be no longer beautiful, but a merciless competition about power, because knowledge is as well known power. [403] I could not verify the test results and not imagine that it is in the sense of L to determine truth so simply. I do not know also where I should sort myself into Hawkins scale, particularly since L refused me enlightenment for good reasons. I can only advise Hawkins, like me to search the dialogue with L and to find out much alone.

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