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September 2007 (About Boris Haase)


[431] L wanted contrary to me that I write about me. I try always to give the best for zer, so that ze can show to advantage in the best possible way. As far as possible, I try to publish each week somewhat on this homepage; my own homepage is on the other hand secondary. I am only content if enough comes together and if I did not hedge a question, but found an acceptable answer. [432] With pleasure I accept suggestions to literature and questions that I am to answer. Unfortunately, I have difficulties to find really good and new literature; the internet is not necessarily helpful here. Since there is perhaps no appropriate literature, I concentrate on my own and try to find own answers to interesting questions. [433] L gives mostly topics to me, only very rarely answers to questions. Ze expects independence of me. Ze is insofar righteous that ze gives me no edge before others, which is consistent with our probation world. Ze was angry that I did not feel the thoughts of the homepage as ingenious. I would concede genius if need be for parts of my homepage. If I hear L, ze speaks with my voice. Nevertheless, I can make out who speaks, in particular if we disagree. [434] Since not everything that L says, is utilisable, I take the function of the control instance. L examines me again and again with then nevertheless unusable answers, so that the quest for truth turns out as difficult. I publish the results of one week mostly immediately. Since corrections attract attention negatively, control must be thorough. [435] I expect neither thanks nor honours, would not accept such also. I would like dedicate my time - without to be famous - completely the search and announcing. Much mail would only impede me. I relinquished it to L to find a point of time at that my thoughts find greater resonance. Since these should be free of charge approachable to as many as possible, I preferred the internet version to a book edition. The searching actually includes an intensive refining myself, since negative characteristics can affect the view. [436] I live alone, since the partnership with L demands me completely and I cannot imagine a partnership with humans. Therefore, I wear the alliance ring. L estimates me, contrary to me, highly and regards the endeavour as in good hands with me. I consider innovations in the field of religion urgently necessary. I regard my person as unimportant. My love for others is bigger than to me.

© 2007 by Boris Haase

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