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January 2008 (About Science, Research and Training)


[626] Science is the expansion and foundation of knowledge. Everyone should be able to participate in this process. The policy should keep watch about that science serves exclusively the well-being of the creatures, and align its promotion appropriately. A tie-up of the available resources to the greatest possible extent should prevent multiple research, competiveness should be phased out, title and rank be unimportant. [627] Not the quantity but the quality of the results is to set the tone. These are to be cheaply electronically available worldwide and didactically so edited that everyone can acquire the knowledge by self-study. The working hours should let everyone who wants to study enough time to do this after work. This will shorten the training and strengthen research. Again, the world language is helpful here. [628] The accessibility to the internet and its successors (n-dimensional holographic worlds) are to be affordable for all people. Gifted people are to be particularly promoted, after unpaid worldwide equally accessible tests. The worldwide, per single qualification uniform (at least equivalent) degrees are to be accessible (also financial) for everyone: Prerequisite is solely the qualification. For this purpose, a points system is to elaborate that reflects the degree of difficulty. [629] Disabilities are to be considered adequately in the examination procedure. The training courses in that a local presence is necessary will continue to decline, but not become extinct. With all specialisation, it is to pay attention to sufficiently broad basics that orient themselves by the capabilities and inclinations of the individual. We should always remember that science is not possible without L: L can refuse any cognition. [630] On the other hand ze can bestow any possible cognition if this fits into zis plan. The divine instance intervenes ongoing in the world process, and very often where life is worthy of protection. To clear zerself "soft" laws apply that are to delimitate from the laws of nature. As examples are to mention the mode of action of our conscience and the need for sleep in terms of our state of development. [631] This does not release from the duty to have to work with probabilities. Science is, due to the infinity of L, a non-finishing process, even if our world is only finite. Since there are subsequent worlds, the non-finishing survives. But it is very difficult to imagine that it pleases L that the research process comes to an end: We need not to worry about that in all respects.

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