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February 2008 (About Inability and Failure)


[677] Unfortunately, we also experience that something is not in our power, that we obtain the opposite of what we wanted: We are not able to something, or have even failed. L cannot provide us with all the skills that we want: in a society with division of labour talents must be differently distributed. Nevertheless, some of us are severely handicapped and wondering why. [678] There must be strong and weak: We need each other. In each world, the cards are reshuffled: past life and dependencies are considered. It does not help much not to accept ones fate: Everyone should make the best of zis life. L demands no perfectionism: Ze zerself is not perfect and makes mistakes. Ze allows the people their will and must bear their errors. [679] In an initial and probation world must be severities. It is not helpful and recommended to blame oneself for everything. We must learn to accept us as we are. There are things that we cannot change in this world. But we can bring help to us and our thoughts are to a large extent free. L turns everything for the better, sooner or later. Ze knows our needs exactly (or the divine instance of our world does). [680] Everyone has shortcomings, everyone makes mistakes, everyone has already failed in something. It belongs to the completeness of life and its ups and downs. We are commonly capable of learning: Certain things can be made good. But not everything can be healed. We have to let a matter rest. We must not lose hope. Life lasts forever. How well we are before L if we can say: I was inable and failed, but mastered life. [681] How big is the reward of L, when life was particularly difficult? L compensates everything righteously. We can not expect that everything in the here and now will be regulated: Everything takes time. We must exercise patience. In the last resort, we have the death: the entry into a new world. We must not fear it. It is a gift of L to us. Much of this can be clarified in thought and prayer. [682] We always have an audience: L or the divine instance. Nobody can forbid us to bring forward our suffering to L. Nobody will develop more understanding than L. But we must not ask for the impossible. It is not possible to avenge ourselves to L and we should spare others. It applies to show inner greatness, even outwards. We should trust the wisdom of L and hope.

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