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March 2008 (About Earnings and Income)


[717] To define how much somebody earns, zis attainment for L and the society has to be determined. Attainments for L are appreciated by L, attainments for the society by their appointees. The society will only remunerate attainments for that a need exists. As a result, attainments whose value is not recognised remain unconsidered. So there is a certain selection pressure for the financing of ones livelihood by attainments. [718] To be able to set early the course right, the potential of the future high achievers should be determined comprehensively and accurately. This determination should be repeated in life in useful intervals, e.g. if significant changes emerge. Based on the potential, a training plan is drawn up: This takes into account both the prognosticated needs and the environment of the person to qualify. [719] For existing alternatives, the wishes of the person to qualify should come into play. The society, the environment and the person to qualify zerself accept the resulting costs. Determine supply and demand monetarily the market, so the state sees to it that non-material interests do not come off badly. The value of an attainment is not only measured according to material equivalent value, but also to non-material aspects. [720] Often material and non-material values are far apart - in both directions. As poverty will be eradicated with the development, a minimum income is due to everybody, regardless of whether ze achieves something or not. If someone is not capable of payable attainments the society pays zis minimum income. The minimum income in any case makes a life fit for human beings possible. [721] Did someone perform services for a long time and is now unindebtedly no longer able to do so, zis income is to scale righteously towards the minimum income. If someone is only to a small extent in a position to perform services, then zis income is adjusted to this situation by appropriate scaling. If the environment can perform independently services for the weak person, the state takes this into account by appropriate perks. [722] Considerable assets of the weak person are to be eroded by this. The society may also define asset ceilings, if societal objectives are not or not extensive enough supported from the assets. This is especially the case if the assets exceed by far the reasonably to concede personal need of the wealthy.

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