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May 2008 (About the Religion)


[809] Definition: Religion is the intense relationship with L, with the goal to maintain zis creation, to serve zer and to develop totally towards zer. What remains under these demands, must be referred to as early form of religion. The religions up till now can be said to be prequels. Progress and further development of and by the creatures are central concerns of the religion. Most important question: How should we behave? [810] It is answered by the virtue doctrine. Second most important question: What can we understand? It is treated by the other topics. Third most important question: What furthers us? This we must answer for ourselves: but the question includes others. Not everything formulated in the religion of love is also provable by us. One can assign probabilities to individual statements regarding the truth and investigate their plausibility. [811] There are many things that are possible without contradiction and should be considered (for example, the subsequent worlds with the expansion supposition). In our world man is currently the only being, which can build, as we know today, a relationship with L. That distinguishes it from all others. There is no relationship that is more difficult and demanding. [812] In the religion, we find the deepest and most important cognitions because they fundamentally affect us all. The meaning of life is revealed to us only on religious basis. An atheist or agnostic cannot answer the question satisfactorily as ze is missing inevitably also crucial steps in zis development, since ze is not demanded maximally (by L). Who aims for L crucially gets something back from zer, the clearer, the more. [813] Any echt effort is rewarded. Especially in almost hopeless situations, we are very close to L: reason enough to extend the relationship to the whole life and to intensify it. We can learn everything from L within the limits of the meaningful - at the right time. L withholds admittedly certain cognitions for our protection and welfare from us. We can learn from zer what is admittedly really important and hurts nobody. [814] L gives always more than we can give back. Ze can not be practised on admittedly. We cannot in the long run be better off than L. L must be able to vindicate zerself for everything. This is not a pleasant task, since ze must do it before every creature, whatever may have happened to this. L is also suffering likewise. But L also enjoys zis life and so we may enjoy defiant of all suffering, too.

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