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June 2008 (About the Irrational)


[859] Apart from the accessible to reason, there are contents such as feelings, moods, perceptions and experiences that are attributed to the irrational. We would be reduced, if there would not be the irrational. If decisions must be taken quickly and for a rational analysis remains no time, our intuition helps us to find a workable solution to a problem. This can then even be optimised or corroborated through understanding and reason or combined procedures. [860] That intuition works at all can be explained by the default of the mental content through L: An extensive search process by our brain is ineligible for reasons of time. Even if we can perform associations very quickly (for example, while reading), they are limited to a small extent per unit of time. What is present to us represents a fraction of the processes necessary for its realisation. [861] We are depending on an acceptable processing of data in the subconscious, without being able to control them specifically or extensively. This disburdens us admittedly, but represents a lack of (optimal) control options. Man wants to be able to influence zis and other mental contents by substances and references, so that ze not only expands zis possibilities, but fundamentally understands these processes to be able to build then own larger structures. [862] Ze takes over tasks that L holds, but makes an important step towards L. Since ze does not quash the laws of nature and acts with a correct approach in the sense of L, nobody should move in on these changes. That ze also wants to control the irrational thereby is logical consequence and again a special (also moral) challenge. [863] Thus, man will sometime be able to telepathise, even if ze will field additional technical accessories in order to be not disturbed telepathically. Many people with present disabilities will benefit from the new opportunities: they experience a better quality of life or can even be (partially) cured. The former mental diseases will be defeated, but therefore new will arise: when the superlative obtained cannot be exceeded anymore and the pressure to perform and stress increase. [864] It is necessary to create standards for all creatures to that one conforms. Only L will never be replaceable, when ze, for example, releases the new into the world so that the creatures can find it. Creativity and the highest virtues are also unimaginable without zis participation.

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