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November 2008 (About Nature)


[1123] Nature is everything that has been created directly by L and the divine instances or develops without involvement of the creatures. It follows the laws of nature, which are enshrined in the divine order. Creatures can influence crucially the course of nature. They could not change admittedly the laws of nature up to now, but the world so much that they could adjust the conditions, applying to the laws of nature, in their favour. [1124] Nevertheless, there are developments - also through the creatures - in the environment that damaged the world and its living conditions as a whole. Man is developed enough to recognise them and to take appropriate steps. For this purpose, research and science will help zer, which, therefore, can be viewed as desirable goal before L. [1125] The religion provides the ethical and discursive framework to meet the concepts of L and to find a solution of the upcoming problems, satisfactorily for the creatures. While the importance and effectualness of nature more and more declines, the reverse is true for the results of the creatural aspirations. This process will be strengthened since the world is geared to (exponential) expansion. [1126] It is also not to impede since the progress is irreversible and is in the sense of L. While it may give downshifter, these are yet in the minority and will remain so since progress is connected with indispensable benefits. Disadvantages are less significant. In nature, there are also developments that make a return to the life of older generations impossible. [1127] As example health may be cited. But who wants to relinquish much, can and may live with nature, in a scope selected by zer, i.e. without making use of the advantages and disadvantages, refused by zer, of the creatural achievements. We can still learn much from nature, but there will be less and less, since although nature is the artwork of L, but the creatures arrange their environment more and more after their (artificial) concepts. [1128] In the natural and the creatural development, there are again and again leaps that change sustainably the quality of life and the conditions of all being. Everybody should be prepared for this and orient zis life's journey hereafter. Every problem can be argued out with L and the divine instances, if one has developed so far. Interventions in nature should always happen being thought-out, since nature strikes back in virtue of their laws.

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