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Interview Part 4

[876] Question: Could L have made of anybody else an enunciator of the word of L?

[877] Answer: The following conditions are attached to the enunciator of the word of L:
1. Ze must be prepared to be willing to do for L everything meaningful.
2. Ze must work hard concerning zerself.
3. Ze must want to compete with L in all fields of earthly life and all fields of what could be thought.
4. Ze must represent such a superlative, that ze is in zis area better than anything previously existing and occurring.
5. Ze must do without everything standing in the way of this task.
If L wants, ze selects a couple from the large quantity of eligible parents and lets them beget a child that meets these requirements. Even if principally every parental couple is imaginable, certain requirements do facilitate the implementation because the apple usually does not fall far from the tree.

[878] Question: How can the task of the enunciator further be specified?

[879] Answer: The enunciator has to record all the essential ideas from past and present of zis field, cast doubt on them and transform them to the best. Ze may evade no decisive question in zis field: Neither the questions of L, nor those ze asks and answers in the name of mankind. Ze must always be aware that ze is neither L, nor the divine instance itself, but it represents a great honour to be allowed to announce the word of L. Ze is a human being and forms with L and the divine instance an unbeatable team. Ze is not famous, because otherwise ze risks being asked everything of everybody and being unable to do zis real task any longer.

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