Religion of Love

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Religion in Reference to L

[18] Religion should be a reconnection process of humans on highest level. This reconnection can happen onto the highest nature, we know as L. The highest has to be seen relative to man, as also to L.

[19] The highest nature can require humility and other attention. We should therefore aim at these virtues, if we can. L can require that we give our best - and so we should also do it. One can give, however, not always the best, but only the relative best: That what is given to us.

[20] We should strive to be as good as possible. There is, however, the evil, which wants also its right. L can provide for equilibrium over the time. We can avoid the evil by taking care, doing without and educating ourselves.

[21] The highest in L is the love. We all need it. Therefore, ze gives it to us - even if we do not notice. L can be hard and rigorous. We can do this likewise and should do, if it must be. Only from air and love we cannot live.

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