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Three Steps

[22] The first step: Learn what is important. That means first: Learn to survive. Religion begins first where it deals with the how of surviving, where real alternatives are present. Thus, one should find first alternatives. We get an order into life only by experience of life. It is also a condition for religion.

[23] The second step: Adopt the good. From the important results the good during a crystallisation process. The good is complex and not easy to describe. The good is changeable, depends on the circumstances. It is not, however, too changeable. The environment reflects it and gives stability. Certain experiences can be undergone only in the good, by adopting and taking it over.

[24] The third step: Live the good. This is the highest level and also the most difficult. We must work hard on us. We may indulge, however, somewhat occasionally.

[25] Hereby a general overview was given, which shall be described in the following still more in detail.

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