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What is Important?

[26] We do not need the term L necessarily, since the good can be reached also without reference to L, unless L would have shown zerself differently.

[27] What is important? Different requirements come to us. The own life is important. It must be maintained - except in some extreme situations. The other one is always important. We must try to pay deference to zer from the beginning. The important develops from experience. The larger the horizon, the more difficult is the task.

[28] Man and zis life should be seen in zis whole refinement. Only if we see zer correctly, we can do justice to zer and do well. We are not perfect and may make errors, but the attitude must be always the best. Man is to investigate zerself, in order to find the correct way. Ze may be able to be helped from others. Ze must recognise who is a real help to zer.

[29] The time represents here a problem: It is scarce for the everyday life of some human being. Man is to make the best from this situation and to use the few time effectively. Friends can be a great help here, since they can express directly where we have a blind spot.

[30] One can not generally say for everyone what the most important is, or the good. But the virtues are important. What is important to me? It is important to me to plead my high gift for the well-being of everyone without disturbing the structure of the world. I think about how the world should be. I try to realise the considered. And I often succeeded to do this.

[31] One of my goals for example is the creation of a unitary world language. And I would like that there is a religion for everyone - in different specifities. These goals are parts of my religion (in the sense of conviction).

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