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Religion Generally

[32] How can religions be united? One should consider the common and the prospects in the sense of improvements: One parts from something and gains something else. The profit overtops the loss. Nobody is to be forced to a religion. The voluntariness is important.

[33] How is the way? The way is the future and vice versa the future the way. Telecommunications is the instrument of the future. Each scenario is there callable and constructable. Man is never more on one's own, as long as ze can communicate in such a way. And this requires a unitary language. Thus a unitary religion is founded.

[34] For all tasks we must qualify. The qualified create a hierarchy that is used to receive stability. We can align our being with a life in another world. This is not compelling, however.

[35] We may not forget that we are attended to by the (imperfect) authorities of L. There is a contract between the evil and the good under supervision of the divine instances.

[36] L does not dictate to humans. Also the traditions let doubt that it was L from whom the said came from. Religion should not dictate to humans also, since they can have a very different opinion concerning the prescribed. The ethics of humans should be human and includes the environment also.

[37] The level may be different, since everyone is not up to the same level. The preferences are likewise different, thus also the consequences. Some pray much, some little. L wants to hear the important and ze will do. One is not to dictate to concerning the frequency of the prayer. Ethics is strongly changeable. We can make suggestions to ethics and formulate guidelines, but the individual decides for zerself.

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