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Community, Science and Religion Again

[179] It does good to trust in a strong community. Church can be such a community. That way one protects oneself against the individualism. But the community should give the individual space for individual decisions and not impose its will over zer. Everyone shall enjoy zis liberty.

[180] Community bestows also security. It is something beautiful to celebrate together divine service and to praise L by prayer and singing. In addition, a discussion on (religious) questions can be animating. There is much that one can do together in a religious community. The religious order communities deserve a special protection.

[307] Science and religion have equal rights (none stands over the other one) and do not have to exclude themselves. On the contrary: It is enriching if newest scientific knowledge forms religion. Beware of the dogma, if it is to be considered as a proposition being certain for all times.

[308] There is, however, the holy in L, which must be distinguished from the taboo and the profane holy. True religion economises with symbols, rituals and sacramentals, because a little can stand only limited for somewhat veritably big, which religion strives for.

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