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Position of Man in the World

[86] In addition one must know only once something about justice and the position of humans in the world. L is the highest judge and stands above good and evil. Ze establishes righteous compensation between both. Ze has something from good and evil, since ze is neutral. Good and evil depend on the perception, with which one regards both.

[87] Good and evil represent own powers. The good is the establishing, conducive one and a substance term, whereas the evil is likewise as its opposite the destroying, threatening one and a substance term. Both stand under control of L and are antagonists.

[88] Man is hardly pride of creation, since ze stands far beneath L. L is infinite, humans only finite - like our world also. There are infinitely many substances, which represent for themselves somewhat unique, not reproducible from other one - also not from other substances. Thus it is clear that there are infinitely many worlds also.

[89] Therefore humans are also only of finite value. If thus large accidents happen to humans, then this are only finite accidents, which destroys finite values. L compensates the emerging unjustness, by transferring man into a new world, into which this enters as with a birth, without forgetting however zis history.

[1811] When man reflects on zis position in the world, ze should not do this in pure self-reference, but referred to all entities known to zer. L is just with respect to all entities. So none can be marked out before another one concerning its, across of its continuously expanding existence in all subsequent. Each entity ultimately strives towards its goal L, so convoluted its ways may be.

[1812] Therefore, man has neither a right to consider zerself superior to zis equals, nor to any other entity. If ze has something over an entity, so ze should use this for and not against it. The dignity of man results from the specific abilities, with which L invested zer due to zis karma, in fact as in theory. It is therefore relative, and often unjustifiably injured by own or fault of somebody else.

[1813] Nevertheless, everybody who is able to do should espouse the goal that everyone can live in dignity and that these injuries decrease. Ze should also espouse any other living entity, so that it can lead a happy and fulfilling life, since this deserves it. This will succeed the better if ze uses all the helpful entities within the divine order. The most helpful is L zerself.

[1814] Man is therefore the most to be advised to build a relationship with L to be able to serve L and therewith the world best possibly, without having to do so. In the relationship with L, man learns everything ze needs to know, so that all living entities can have a good life. Ze finds the power also to implement this knowledge, in the joint effort with others, what L can accordingly reward, if the implementation is proper.

[1815] This creates a upwards spiral of fulfilment and happy life. With a relationship with L, the ups and downs of life can be coped better than without, since L can give one even that what man cannot produce by zerself or only with difficulties, since ze is confined to zerself. The divine abilities reach far beyond the ones of the creatures, which can be easily inferred from the age of L.

[1816] In the relationship with L, one experiences what fits into our time, but one cannot misuse it. For L considers carefully whom ze lets know what, when, and how. Only if ze refines zerself, man will be successful at L. L is open to every creature, since L does not refuse zerself to anybody. In this world, man holds among all visible creatures the strongest position and has therefore a special responsibility to L and the world.

[1817] Since it is more fulfilling to act out of love than out of duty, ze should pass the love given by L to others. This will be the easier, the more selfless ze becomes. By integrating the negative properties usefully into the positive ones, ze will fulfil the highest expectations. Man is destined to achieve much. A deficiency in this respect can be largely attributed to zis karma.

[1818] Everybody is able from L to master the occurring difficulties, at the latest in the subsequent worlds. But if ze turns away from L and tries to make zis own way, ze neglects zis destiny by not giving the most important the place that it deserves. Ze begins to lose zerself in less important things, and passes up the chance to achieve what is verifiably the best for everyone.

[1819] L demands neither the absolute extreme, nor the impossible, but the right effort. Since it is right, it will be successful. The divine order provides that things may happen as it pleases L. But L only pleases that what the creatures enjoy, since zis love to them excludes something else. Nevertheless, much pleases the creatures what L cannot take pleasure in, and they know that very well.

[1820] The relationship with L is a continuous learning, deepening and growing. There emerges a wealth on all essential fields, which one can and wants to distribute to others. The most important field is the mental one, since it is for the creatures the most serious one. True power derives from it. That is one reason why man must refine zerself, because power wants to be properly used if it is to represent a useful service.

[1821] Then it will not be misused, but is justified. Who lets zerself be controlled by the negative characteristics, has difficulties to be able to act positively. This is another reason to refine zerself. Only the appropriate integration of all the characteristics of man justifies zis full value. Therefore, it is important that ze has the leisure for this and does not wear out by too much demanding activities.

[1822] Since these can affect the mind only to a limited extent, man has the freedom to think what serves L and the world, and hence also zer. So ze can make the divine order accessible to zer, and work with the aid of L for the place in the world that ze deserves. Ze can make others happy and gets zis reward from L for this, at the latest in the subsequent world. Because zis faith is strong, ze will not be warped from zis way.

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