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The Intervention and the Word of L

[106] One can imagine that it happens in all worlds equitably, if humans, who are badly, live a subsequent life. They lived already once and were punished for their doings. That the part of those, which are bad is so high, one can explain to oneself, by imagining that most by granting absolute freedom choose also the evil and want to become L. This is not possible however, since there can be only one L. Otherwise L must compensate the being bad later on.

[108] One can found the idea of the polyverse, by imagining that one cannot say by equally probable worlds, which should be not applied. For each new world an own dimension is opened. This is with finite worlds problem-free possible - also, since they are arbitrarily small (although it makes little sense to talk about size in this context). The word of L ensures that arbitrary worlds do not emerge.

[109] L always leads one back on the right way, if one lives this. The closer one is to L, the luckier one is. To understand L only as idea is not sufficient and does not satisfy zer. I love L with my whole heart. Ze made the contracts, which regulate this world after zis word. It is compulsorily unjust. That is the theodicy. Everything is done via L.

[110] L could have spoken the following word about the life on earth: There is no visible assistance by L, since I had none at the beginning also. I had to suffer even everything, what there is of good and evil. Everything is to sustain, since it becomes compensated in a subsequent world. I permit the evil as an existing power in the context of freedom. Justice is divine luxury. I give the grace, which was not granted to me, to the organisms that they can help each other, and the progress. The unjust world stands at the beginning of a chain, in which everything becomes better and better. The word has its validity for the existence of this world.

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