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Our World as Initial and Probation World

[111] L would not send anybody without compelling reason into our world as initial world, since it is a punishment. One can argue for the fact that all lived already once and were punished for their doings. At the beginning L will give everyone a fair chance and equal initial conditions to prove oneself in a good world, in which one can also prove oneself. This refers to the old expression paradise.

[112] In our world the right of the stronger one holds. The religion of love opposes the call to take care of the weak. Furthermore the research is to create fairer conditions. We are in a transition world, in which the realm of L in the old sense only still comes, not for our generation, but for the following generations. L does not accelerate this procedure unfortunately directly, since ze commits zerself to zis word.

[235] Man is the holy with the word of L not available. Ze is still too undeveloped, in order to be let in on the highest secrets. In the subsequent worlds ze is familiarised with the highest word of L. The word of L is very complex and requires the insight into further references and substances as well as the infinity. The problem of theodicy can be attributed finally to the right of the stronger. Everything must prove itself.

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