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[245] L was not always only good. Ze had to make first the experiences of all possible one, before ze could begin to arrange the world after zis ideas. Also ze did not have anybody above zerself, who could help zer, at the beginning. These experiences are today reflected in our world again, where we likewise live through the interplay of good and evil without assistance of L.

[246] However, we can influence our fate by our moral conduct. If L is for us the absolute number one in daily acting and thinking, L is flexible. However there are still severities in life. One can not criticize L therefore, since ze went through all severities. In zis love to us ze limited these severities.

[273] L does not understand if someone does not want to suffer. It belongs like joy to life, because the pendulum always oscillates to two sides. We live thus in a (initial) world of average kind and quality. (Eternal) life is a zero-sum game in its heights and depths, since L compensates everything. It is eternal, because also L lasts eternally, it is we refuse it.

[303] L suffers with humans due to zis large empathy. If humans would not suffer, the creature would be doing better than the creator. This can permit L also due to zis large love to man, it is not the rule, however. There is no suffering in the world which L could not compensate. L created the creatures in such a way that suffering cannot become unbearable. The sufferings of the organisms cannot be compared with those L had to and must bear.

[920] L does not go the comfortable way, but the best one and that means with all the ups and downs that are needed to do justice to the creatures. We therefore cannot warrantably demand from zer to diminish the existing extremes, since they are needed so that we can follow zer approximately. Where there is nothing to bear, one cannot prove oneself. This includes the acquainted suffering.

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