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Consequences of an Intervention and Justification of L

[306] Ze reserves to intervene into the way of the world. There is nothing in the world, which would not have its right and should be abolished. There is thus nothing that L in principle could have done better in this world, unless what exists in other worlds additionally. It is difficult to create righteous subsequent worlds, since the problem emerges here, what is not to exist in the new world any longer and one does not miss.

[496] The abolition of large accidents would entail either the abrogation of the laws of nature or of the free will. The world affairs would run like perfect clockworks, a notion L justifiably is not interested in. At it also an occasional intervention of L would change nothing. L would have to smooth away human errors, which would still increase the error rate (nothing can go wrong).

[497] An endless spiral would emerge. L would be degraded to the sweeper of man. L does not understandably permit this. Hence there is the divine compensation. L always intervenes in our world, where otherwise would be offended against the divine will. That means that L accepted large severities and wanted rather to compensate. That does not mean however that ze also approved of them.

[498] Ze was ashamed of the ineffable cruelties of man, despaired and felt deepest mourning. Ze was with a heavy heart not content to sacrifice however the human freedom, but announces now zis will by me. Who is so cruel, will be severely punished. Nothing goes unnoticed for L. L does not need to justify zerself for the infamous actions of humans, since they are just their will.

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