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[7] L is almighty in the sense that ze can cause all feasible. Ze is unable opposite the unexpected that wants to avoid the word of L. Ze must accept it, as ze must also bear other misery.

[8] To possess power represents highest responsibility for zer. Power is thereby a heavy burden. L can require from humans as zis effigies therefore to carry encumbrances also.

[154] Ze will not be able to tolerate anybody as powerful as ze is. In addition, zis power is too much at risk to the point of destruction. But ze will have systems that are independent and without power and which can answer zer, so that ze does not bore zerself. L has much humour and knows each mood.

[280] L bundles zis power in zerself. Would there be controversy between gods, we should notice it. The being so of our world presupposes zis high intelligence. The fact that only the law of nature holds would mean improbably that zis word does not hold, which regulates this complicated world and maintains its order.

[509] L can not preclude that something (even greater than ze is) has reference to zer, but ze contrariwise has no reference to this. L had never to establish a reference to something new to zer. L suffers with the creatures indeed, but ze has reduced zis suffering to a level acceptable for zer: ze suffers no more than ze has to, but enjoys zis life. In the early days ze was not able to do this.

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