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Infinite Potential

[510] At that time something emerged from zis infinite potential that ze only had to know to restrain, and hence also ultimate suffering. L therefore does know well what ultimate suffering means, and it belongs to zis greatness that ze did not refer this experience to all creatures and will not do this. Ze says this for our reassurance and therefore we owe zer thanks, appreciation and admiration.

[1252] The fact that L has an infinite potential is imperative, since ze cannot create something from nothing. The idea that everything has emerged from division of a, at the beginning, finite is misleading. One can create by division nothing substantially new. The infinite would be impossible to be created, if the division would not happen at one stroke. There is no tool imaginable that might bring about this.

[1334] The strongest reductionist statement for an entity different from L is: Everything becomes L. Also, the inanimate matter is enlivened and striving towards L. To L everything is available. This is the strongest reductionist statement in relation to L. There is no immovable, since L has everything in contemplation except zis infinite potential, and thus moves. Nothing is withheld from development. Every law is optimised till the end of each world.

[536] L stands for echt expansion. Ze forms time and again new levels of mathematical infinity and includes them all. In each of these infinite worlds, there are divine instances, for which different words of L exist. We can imagine these worlds badly, but may experience them bit by bit. Only when we imagine the size of L using power sets, we have a correct notion of L.

[761] L can perform any calculation in one unit of time. Thereby interim results are condensed to one. The interim results can be stored in memories as large as one likes. Since the continued application of the logarithm to any ever so large number converges to 1, the proposition follows. If this approach should be too impractical, L just brings the world to a standstill and performs the calculations.

[762] L and the divine instances like to use that next higher world whose complexity is given by the power set of the original one. The most complex calculations concern the future of a world. We can trust in L that ze has the important global consequences of our actions under control and intervenes by the determinism correctively if ze does not like something.

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