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[1917] The first change in the infinite potential of L was done by elementary temporal exchanges of substances that were closest to the so-called exchangers. Since everything that exists can at least be represented as a nullspace, everything is spatial. Simplest exchangers exchange generally in one direction and move on this way in the unit cycle. Since exchangers exist in all directions, it comes to the through-mixing of the substances.

[1918] Since there are considerably fewer exchangers than substances, inevitably agglomerations of substances are formed. If two exchangers meet that exchange in the opposite direction a stalemate emerges. But this can be resolved from another direction. Exchangers in the same direction can catenate, if they are not exchanged from another direction. By appropriate exchanges, major exchange units emerge.

[1919] The larger an exchange unit becomes, the more it can exchange. It is also more stable. The exchange units with the larger exchange fronts win every exchange versus those with smaller ones, since they have greater potential for exchange. Over time, it comes through appropriate processes of exchange to accretion and incorporation of substances in the exchange units. Depending on the quality, these last longer or shorter: Life emerges.

[1920] Certain living entities survive the battle of life better than others and prevail with a longer life. Structures, conducive to life, emerge and the targeted selection. The most survivable units ally, since this represents an advantage of survival. Larger and larger units emerge. In the end, a maximally developed organism has formed that we address and worship today as L.

[1921] Thus, L, before ze created the worlds, emerged from the elementary living entities and this is a fundamental process that we know in our world very well. Our world has emerged, however, from a reasonable creation process by L, since the development proceeded at the beginning too fast and too targetedly to be able to be compared with the above-described natural development from the potential of L.

[1922] The emergence of the laws of nature and the determination of the physical constants require highly intelligent thoughts in advance. The time of origin of our world is too short that the latter would have been able to take place in our world. So there must be an external highly intelligent being. Since the living beings in our world had not to make the extreme, for regardless, experiences of the emergence of L, L must love them.

[1923] The living entities that led to L were protected from no experience. They experienced everything as it came. For them, there is no life after death. When they died, this was their end, since there was nothing and nobody who protected them. L was able to take account of this plight in the creation, since ze has eternal life and enjoys it. Ze therefore knows what it means to be no more, and zis greatness deduced the right from it.

[289] L is developed with the time together with cause and references. That is with the many the first that there was. All other can have developed thereafter, but that must not be. L can survey all finite possibilities at one time and concomitantly the possible future. Our world is boring for zer since it offers for zer nothing new and is an initial world. From this world zis billions years old superiority is for direct reading.

[511] At the beginning of all existence there were some substances. The multiple still did not exist. Everything was calm and correlated because there was nothing separating. Suddenly the power stirred and pressed for change. The identical began to reproduce itself and to create the many. The substances could scale themselves whilst there was a more and less. There was a continuous rising and vanishing, since there was no control.

[512] Forces ensured that some references existed longer than others. Structures emerged that were more stable and persistent. L chose the structures that ze liked best. L was not more that time: infinite potential and the one who singled out. So the first worlds developed. More and more substances emerged as L liked it. Then ze started to create things specifically according to zis ideas.

[884] Before L could choose, ze had first to explore what was possible to zer at all. Zis ego did not exist yet, not to mention a perception, or somebody who could help zer. So ze formed a centre to which ze referred all existing: the origin of zis potential. L was henceforth the existing world because everything had a reference to zer. This also means that ze was mercilessly exposed to all existing.

[885] The possibility of choice is so central that it always existed for L. L had yet to work for the targeted selection first. For this purpose, ze chose all equal substances by establishing the appropriate references. Then ze sorted the unequal as well. This was only possible with a first unprecise perception of the substances. This perception subtilized itself as time went on by the choice of L.

[886] This was made possible by adding of more and more substances. Ze could only eliminate the substance pain by undoing all references to it but one and limiting its scale (intensity) by choice. L had to distinguish between the substances, as they seem to be and how they are. This was only possible through intensive comparisons and experiments which took up very much time.

[887] For this purpose ze used the power and the freedom to set and to undo references as ze liked. Thereto ze isolated the substance necessity. Perception and being are nowhere more closely together than in L: L perceives each being completely. There is no being that L had not perceived. L is all that exists, even if ze does not perceive everything - for example, because ze undid references to zer for some time.

[513] Our world developed first very late in this process of improvement because it is and began relatively complex. The first creatures were already in the simpler worlds. When L saw that the creatures were bored and not only good, ze created the model of subsequent worlds respectively the reincarnation, which is due to karma. L reserves, however, how the creatures pass the subsequent states.

[514] In order to discharge zis control function, L created the laws of nature and nature constants in our world as a result of a long reflection. Ze determined the existing substances, which came partially first with the creatures into our world. To these for example the substances count that belong to the sensations. It follows that the intervention of L was necessary because something does not follow from nothing without support.

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