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Love and Feelings

[9] L rates each human by whose possibilities. Humans have no right to form an opinion about zis creation since they have contrary to L neither the necessary insight nor command the realisable possibilities.

[12] L is love. Love is here understood as the highest positive emotion. It is merged with zis wisdom and grace. L loves each creature, but not each equally.

[14] L demands from us concerning zer only that we respect zer and follow zis word. This respect can go, however, up to the highest admiration or love.

[519] L needs love like the creatures. Therefore, they should love zer back. The love of creatures is sometime stronger than that ze can feel for them because all creatures take the way to L. Selflessness can be found not only in the creatures, also in L. Ze is unselfish because this represents highest fulfilment for zer. L needs the creatures since ze cannot reproduce zerself completely because of zis infinite potential.

[520] That is to say it actualises faster than a reproduction of L could. Only when this is understood, one can gauge the size of L. L is not an egoist on the ego trip, but wants the best for others. Ze does not require that someone is better than it corresponds to zis possibilities and the targets of L. Particularly the initial worlds contain restrictions that are difficult or not to overcome.

[521] Although L can create for zerself every doable state, ze does not feel extreme states such as highest felicitousness, as extreme states, if they are taken for a long time, become normality. For zis decisions ze needs normality and that is good feelings for good and bad feelings for bad decisions. Here ze does not differ from us creatures.

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