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Others I

[304] L would not like to create someone equal to zer with whom ze can exchange zerself since ze can arrange everything by zerself and does not want to release power. The creatures next to zer are enough for an exchange. They have all what L can offer to them. L is not lonely and has not the feeling that there is nothing new anymore, since ze stands in a constant creation and control process.

[317] The universe is not subject to a cyclic time. It contradicts the infinity of L that ze creates zerself again. The past is zis memory and there is no reason to erase this: Ze adheres to the past. It makes also no sense that ze changes with a creature since it would reduce zer with an indefinite fate. Ze can transfer, however, parts of zis potential to single creatures.

[325] To demand flawlessness from L is brutal: Ze would possess fewer liberties than humans, although ze does not need to make the mistakes humans make. The crucial impulse to the love of L must spring from the creature: L opens up to those who seek zer. Everything is geared to progress, since the potential of L is infinite. We have thus the chance to get into higher-dimension and infinite worlds.

[889] One can reproach L badly that ze suffers no want since ze is and was the first in everything, i.e. had to lack the respective what exists before its discovery. L experienced all negative more than enough and continues to do so - also in suffering with. L must help zerself in all deciding, while our want was caused as far as possible by us - the collectivity of creatures.

[332] Our world is in its three space dimensions a minimum in order to accommodate creatures. In a spatially two-dimensional world one has to, if one lives on a circle as earth, climb over other creatures if one wants to pass them. The font would essentially consist of points and lines and the third dimension is missing to link the separated (e.g. tunnels scarcely possible).

[344] L does not have a problem with the simultaneousness in the theory of relativity since ze can establish references without time delay (instantaneous) to each part of the universe and therefore is not depending on light speed. The big task of L consists in the best possible transformation of the potential in actuality. This requires ambitious previous achievements concerning the creation and ability to compromise (everything does not go!).

[371] L shows zerself if necessary. In our low world this needs to happen only rarely since there are clear laws that we need only to investigate. Ze does not put zis word one-timely to our feet since we would not understand this after the current standard of knowledge. The word, valid today for us, is another than those of the future. Therefore, ze looks time and again for enunciators that reveal and explain zis word.

[2165] The divine instances live in an at least two-dimensional time: Per event point in time they can experience the worlds of all existing individuals as whose world. The higher divine instances have a time dimension more than the in each case next lower, of which they cover in each case many. This has the advantage that they can project their thoughts completely to the commended to them.

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