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The five Divine Characteristics

[459] L answered the question about zis preference for the number five with the five divine characteristics: 1. good, 2. wise, 3. beautiful, 4. extraordinary and 5. infinite, of which the most important is good, to which the others (nearly) can be reduced. On the other hand must yet not possess, who is good, the other characteristics, even if good, subject to intelligence, can be translated with wise and aesthetically good with beautiful.

[460] Who possesses the five characteristics completely is L - in each world. There are creatures that touch L, but they do not reach zer: L is opposite to them still extraordinary and not limited by them, but extends beyond them since ze is infinite. Perfection is not a divine characteristic: it is replaced by the others. Compound or simple do not occur as too banal characteristics.

[163] The thoughts standing above cannot be proven. They are however plausible.

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