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The Abilities of Man

[64] L created man according to zis likeness, not after zis effigy, since L is of other shape than man. Ze has appeared to me as a bright cloud with dimming in the darkness. This suits zis internal greatness and unassumingness. Zis conceptions of man were of rather practical kind. Ze created zer as an intelligent creature of an initial world, which suits the animals, from which ze (man) descends.

[65] Everything is not given to man. Ze can do what pleases L and only that. Ze does what does not please L after zis freedom also. The punishment of L is appropriate for the misdoing and follows the word of L. Humans have different freedoms, some less than they think. Since humans are complex, freedom and its restriction are likewise complex.

[1024] Every creature that can point out a fundamental mistake in the divine order or in the word of L, is entitled to bring it forward to L and the fellow creatures and to claim its removal, if this is possible. But since man does not command the skill of divine truth-cognition, trouble shooting is more difficult. To communicate the nature of other worlds is equally difficult.

[616] Man is of divine origin, but is not L. For zis deeds man is solely responsible, even if they are caused also by the environment. L handles those who collaborate with zer as ze pleases. Zis interactions are not scored against them certainly. L makes sure that nobody is preferred or disadvantaged by zer in the initial and probation world.

[617] But ze can do this only if this is not opposed to zis objectives. For deviations remains still the compensation in subsequent worlds. Who admittedly does a lot for L and humanity, receives from L now or later the appropriate reward. But who is chosen, cannot expect a high reward for then natural achievements.

[1888] We have the potential to close up to L, so that no one needs to be ashamed of zis alleged inadequacy. The not-yet is the immediate prestage of the now-already and the martinet of impatience. The stair of each staircase on the way to L will be also reached or skipped. One cannot skip anything essential, since one cannot do without it, but nothing has to be experienced totally.

[914] L could reduce zis perceptual apparatus to a minimum by an appropriate order, although the latter is infinite in the infinite worlds. Perception is always the mapping to the ego, the centre of zis references. We know that a sense organ with n dimensions makes possible a perception to the n-th power of a scaled substance. Our senses are a selection among the most important at all.

[915] Does one take substances as a basis it is arbitrary to speak of five senses. Our sensory apparatus can be increased by measuring devices to a multiple. The man of the future will be a high-tech being, which has the world's knowledge available as cyborg. Hereof it will make use according to zis inclinations and requirements. Ze will neither be able to exempt zerself from this development, nor want to, if ze wants to be full-value.

[1889] In the higher worlds, I am called bunny. This is loving, but it shows that I do not approximate someone from the higher worlds. Nobody think ze is great in zis world, as there is always an above till L. Anyone see clearly zis limits, since only an appropriate judgement gives the correct view of things. To see zis limits means to see also, to what one can, may be, look forward in a subsequent world to experience with pleasure.

[1998] By the grace of L, it may be granted us to hold a high level, if we behave ourselves properly. We are, however, not spared of that what a creature must have gotten to know and experienced to be able to enter the next stage of development. Man has over an animal that ze can control zis fate by zis behaviour, and knows this. No animal knows something about its subsequent life.

[1999] Man, however, can assess zis life and try to view it from the viewpoint of L. From this ze can derive how a just subsequent life may look like, if L decides justly and offers the same alternatives. To see things from the perspective of L lets one view them as they are, and is therefore so recommendable. It expands the horizons immensely and is associated with very great utility for all other creatures.

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