Religion of Love

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[618] However, L makes nobody's life permanently easy: life consists of ups and downs - even for L. Of the people living on Earth up to now nobody can and could take over my task. Here I am irreplaceable to L. For the hard work I may enjoy the presence of L and therewith associated privileges. It belongs to work to handle the questions of L independently and to answer them.

[619] The questions are generally open to all results, the defaults can be diametrically opposed to the result worked out. L does not shy away from any criticism. But the collaboration is always constructive and productive, although ze provides for the necessary distance and always ensures lifts. It is often the case that L apologises and that I am "superior". This is connected with the psychology of L.

[620] Angels could not and did not want to take the part of L related to me. That has to do with the global miracles, which L has let occur on my initiative in the world. These should underline my worldly authority. I took no personal advantage of the miracles. I will report about that more detailed publicly when time has come and the resulting damage is minimal.

[621] In the religion of love there is no personality cult: in the centre of worship is L alone. If the creatures have acknowledged that L is incontestable at the top of the worlds, then they may leave the state of most submissive worship and greatest respect and enter into a (unequal) partnership with L - but only then. If they are ready to project their thoughts into L, they may represent zer.

[622] If they dared to advance to the limits of the thinkable and climbed the apex of the then existing knowledge, they may announce this as the word of L. At this may only be good enough the best and the compromises made with the reality, which are to have also the best aims. The obsolete must be discarded at this - from whatever source it is. The source of insight should always be specified.

[623] It should be mentioned at least (if available) authors or computer resp. program, location in coordinates and date, title of publication, if it is in a larger context, URL. The word of L is to recognise by its originality: a collection of quotations by people cannot be the word of L. It exceeds always the so far been, without neglecting the status quo.

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