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Turn for the Better

[624] Handicaps for creatures and severe living conditions have their reason in L and are a result of a failed past and present life. L has not the least reason that it happens differently. In this world, without exception, everyone deserves zis death when zis whole life is appreciated. Nobody has managed to live and pass on the word of L: It is instead warped or ignored together with L.

[625] The science of humanity is so far an overly intellectual stream of words, which lacks grandness and heart: the most banal facts are explored, but the most important, L, is dismissed as inaccessible and mysterious. But L is and was accessible for everyone who makes also only a minimum of effort. I will make the lost knowledge of humanity visible again and go beyond that.

[66] So we can have theoretically many dysfunctions as diseases, but only few make sense in our life. Among other things, our behaviour, also that of our parents creates this sense by heredity. We can thus control diseases via our behaviour. Certain things do not occur in life, because they do not make sense for us. We should remember this.

[1242] Unfortunately, modern working life does not allow for many people to escape a certain degree of routine because the working process requires full concentration. It is therefore important to use the necessary breaks for recreation and to consecrate oneself in the leisure time to the things that provide one with power and performance for the everyday work. The more we are demanded, the more income and leisure time is due to us as a matter of course.

[1243] Society and especially the firms have to offer extracurricular activities and facilities to the employees and to enable their utilisation to meet the legitimate interests and inclinations of the employees. In addition to an adequate social service, also the exercise of religion is to warrant, since this benefits by self-fulfilment.

[1244] For, the creating of a meaning in life in the service for L contributes crucially to mental and spiritual health, which influences the physical one positively. Admittedly, there are again and again tragic accidents and maring events in life, but the vast majority of diseases are to be traced back to a corrective function in the patient's life, which put them again before L that way, as it corresponds to the divine order.

[1245] L looks into the heart of every person and knows exactly whose needs. If we learn that it is the service for L that makes us healthy and the bad karma that makes us sick, we have done the first step that brings us on the right path. With every good deed for L we move forward to zer and ze can reward us. Otherwise, the fate takes its course, and L has no reason to intercede positively for us.

[1246] Each creature is created after the wise bauplan of L. We should criticise it first if we have understood the existing worlds. Unfortunately, it is reserved for the revelation of L and otherwise our imagination, how they look like. If we pool all our efforts, however, we get a picture from which we can draw reliable and satisfactory conclusions for a position.

[1247] We see that mankind obtains more and more opportunities to shape the world according to its ideas and to improve things and circumstances, which were to accept in the past as given. L has given us this potential; it is up to us to implement it. In order to be able to judge a time justly, however, we have to weigh up all the pros and cons and to consider the model of the subsequent worlds of the divine order.

[1248] Every time has its advantages and disadvantages, every subsequent world compensates them. Who makes the mistake to believe only in this world deceives oneself of justice and truth. What remains is a harsh reality that lacks many good characteristics. How poor the universe would be, if there would be only what we have experienced. How cheapish L would be, if only ze could enjoy what the universe and zis potential keeps ready.

[1249] In all my conversations with L, ze was, however, one thing never: cheapish. They were always constructive and results-oriented. L has no reason to deceive zerself before zerself. Ze shows zerself always the way ze is resp. the part experienceable to us. Personal happiness and character are closely linked: they reinforce each other. To assume that L play-acts to us, would make zer and us infelicitous.

[1250] L has, however, no interest to live in permanent infelicity, on the contrary: Ze leads a very fulfilling life. We can contribute by our judging and acting that it becomes even more pleasant. And that starts with the fact that we believe in the good in L. The more we delve into the word of L and make consideration that move us forward, the sooner we come close to our goal, with which happiness and fulfilment arrive.

[1251] Even if we are no extraordinary appearance, we will reach our goal at the right time, since sometime extraordinary appearances become normal through other givens, and be it in a subsequent life. What they have worked for, for a more or less long time, accrues to us as a gift from L. No creature will ever be able to overshoot L, since then it will be L zerself and L changes.

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