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Life Plan

[707] Courage is the effort for a goal by allowing for personal disadvantages. L expects of us that we do not go through life without loss, but master risks. L determines everything to zis satisfaction. Many of our ideas come from zer. Each of us has a life plan, which becomes real according to the ideas of L. Deviations from a certain average are the exception (normal distribution!).

[708] The world would be inoperative if there were not these life plans. From those life plans we can not deviate. Peak powers are ascribed to L, deep hits, too. We should accept our fate and hope for the divine compensation. L does not tell us our life plan, so that we have an unprejudiced and open life.

[709] We should not ask L for our life plan to save zer and us distress. The truth can be without mercy and bungle the joy of life. Each life plan is comprehensive and considers our environment. Although it seems, there is no real randomness. Everything happens as L likes it. Even if events are equally probable, it is L who ultimately tips the balance.

[723] Subject of the life plan are all features that are not genetically coded and vary rarely in life. These include characteristics, living conditions and skills that are acquired or lived through. Thus, each person is provided with a certain potential, on which ze can draw, but has not to. If it pleases L, it can be sheered from this life plan, as L reserves a free hand.

[724] Every creature gets after its death complete insight into the life plan and recognises that L does not put anybody at a disadvantage when it was acquainted with the alternatives of the subsequent life. These comply with the past life and consider the karma. As man can opt for the evil, there are partially substantial deviations from the life plan. For these, each person has to vindicate zerself.

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