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Rights and Duties

[1108] Every creature may engage in soul-searching and try to learn everything about itself. From the self-awareness one can collect, after prayer and meditation, the most power and cognition. One may start with simple questions and step up to the limits of one's own effectiveness, as long as one does not exaggerate. It does not occur that, especially if one brings help, one finds, for a solvable problem, no solution.

[1109] One should think long and hard which problems one wants to solve. It makes no sense to saddle oneself with the false and remote problems if the right and important ones are unsolvedly pigeonholed. The determination of an ideal and aim of life shows the right way. The question of what is really important in life is answered in the word of L. Thus, one need only to bother to notice it.

[1110] The way to the wrong goals has come to an end with the religion of love. L takes irreplaceably as a goal centre stage. All the goals that remain behind are wrong goals because they always are only a fraction of reality. Even if the way to the goal is still so long, the sooner one treads it, the sooner one arrives. The ultimate goal in this world is that one showed L all one's love and thus utilized the world.

[1111] For the love for L includes the love for all entities of this world, since L is to all of them in a causal relationship. There would be nothing without zer and ze has references to everything that is meaningful to zer. It is, however, not possible for us to experience the divine experience of unity with everything. Every wholeness experience by us is always a tiny fraction of that what represents this world as a whole.

[1112] If we found out our task in life, we apply ourselves to it with all our might, without to wear out. Nobody is forced to crucify zerself since all goals can be reached within the scope, justifiable before all concerned parties. L undertakes for this in the divine order. Who overshoots the goal meaningfully to reach punishes zerself or is slowed down through life.

[1113] Each creature has the right to the following: integrity (livable environment, species-appropriate development, care and recreation of health - if possible and reasonable), a dignified death (for humans: prohibition of the death penalty, end-of-life care and appropriate funeral; for vertebrates: killing only under anaesthesia and when there is a comprehensible and accepted reason regulated by law).

[1114] Furthermore: free practice of religion within the scope of the divine order and the word of L; equal treatment by L or the divine instances after the word of L; free choice between good and evil and further released alternatives; overriding of targets that contradict the word of L; development-appropriate education and work; complete ownership of the word of L in an understandable form.

[1115] Further on: adequate pay, which must be sufficient in each case to make a living dignifiedly; protection of the communities of creatures reconcilable with the objectives of the word of L; freedom of expression within the scope of the due respect before L and the fellow creatures. The following duty stands opposed to these rights: respect of L, the divine instances and the fellow creatures.

[1116] Further duties: sticking to the forbiddance to insult L publicly and to the directives by L and the divine instances, if they make sense and are plausible; notice and respect of the word of L; assistance to needy creatures and development within the scope of what is possible and necessary and within the scope of the word of L; increase of the prosperity and positive knowledge in the world.

[1117] Finally: service to L, the divine instances and the community of all fellow creatures; preservation of the creation of L (careful treatment of the property of L, furthering of the diversity in the world according to the divine order); sticking to the laws and regulations reconcilable with the word of L. These obligations are only to fulfil within the realms of possibility. The more intense the effort is, the better the karma.

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