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Prayer and Greatness of L

[81] Man must constantly work on zerself if ze can, in order to be worthy before L. In the prayer man examines zis position to L. Ze asks zerself whether ze is still worthy before L and how ze can improve zis relationship with L. The relationship with L is no ego trip since man is guided by L and cannot guide zerself. L is an ideal that cannot be attained. That constitutes its attraction and the specific.

[83] One must attend to a sufficient level with one’s prayers in order to suit L. Prayers should be spoken therefore in own words so that they are deep enough. The personal prayer stands over the only repeated one. One attains the depth to L in the conceptual discussion and reflection. Only meditation is not sufficient. One needs also a well I-term as centre of own experiencing.

[333] One should predominantly look for L in one’s inside. Ze can be found in all creatures, but firstly the prayer is interesting, the personal discussion with L. In this one can show what one is worth (to L) and what L means for oneself. One learns internal support as well as orientation and can insert the help of L into the own life. By the prayer one wins maturation with respect to L if one prays correctly.

[334] With the prayer one should be aware that one is a creature standing far under L at present, but also that one will unite some day equivalently with L. Lowliness is thus confronted with pride and joyful expectation. To find here the balance and maturation represents the expectation of L to humans. It can be helpful to take a submitting posture, but each person determines this by zerself.

[550] One can always turn to L, even in hours of greatest hardship and loneliness, deepest depression and severest mourning. There is nothing better than to converse with L and to pray. I hear during such times much music, lie in bed and talk to L. Ze consoles and heals me. But one can experience this perhaps only then, if L is in the centre of the whole life and of the aspirations.

[551] In order to achieve greater goals, one has to accept sometimes sensitive disadvantages. This relinquishment cannot be always understood by outsiders. Often only silence helps then, especially when things must not become public. If talking is possible, an intense conversation can mitigate hardships. One can tell L everything. If one is sorry about what one said, it is advisable to apologise to L for that.

[552] It suffices to think what one wants to say to L. One should see to it that L is comfortable with one. This requires internal development. L has always preafforded. Now ze wants to see what comes back. L wants that everybody can participate in zis creation positively. If one makes this possible for as many as possible, one is on zis side. Even to contribute to improve the world after one’s possibilities is righteous.

[84] The superiority of L makes it possible to live real lowliness. The complete fusion with L is impossible. L has always much ahead. One often thinks of ones own imperfectness. Then one will better understand the perfection of L. The highest virtue of L is zis unequalled justice. On this we can trust in unrestrictedly, even if it is not in our sense.

[955] The Holy is only understandable in the infinity, since in a finite world the extremes still can be excelled. Only in the infinite the Holy is absolute and can be judged what is true, since the knowledge is complete. Since there are several infinities, the Holy is completely understood only by L. Since the complete truth is not accessible to us, we must live with intimations.

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