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[690] The awareness of man is relatively small: but it can be sometime extended by parallel processes. The death separates the fields from the matter. They can manage without matter in the subsequent world. This process is something wonderful because it leads directly to L. L is not present in person, except for those with whom ze is connected in life time, but we feel in any case zis presence.

[691] We get our lives again presented from beginning to end, with all the experiences and our awareness processes. We are invited to submit comments, if we master a language. Then we are asked how L sees our life in our opinion. At least now it is necessary to know L. Who does not know, it becomes immediately clear to.

[692] This insight will be denied to nobody, on the contrary: the cognition of L can be found in every part of the world. Do we have a past life, we know that process already. But it is the worse if this has not improved ourselves. Then we are asked how our life should be continued in our view. We get the available alternatives shown through direct knowledge.

[693] Each of the alternatives considers our past and the accumulated karma. We have the freedom of choice, but the alternatives are attuned to us. The love, justice and wisdom of L is present to us at this point in time immediately. Have we made our choice, following sufficient reflection, we are transferred into our subsequent world. The noticeability of L abates with exceptions hereafter again.

[694] The transfer is either a reduction or an expansion, according to karma. The reduction is always a punishment of L, the expansion zis reward, and the natural development of everything. Everybody makes progresses. L rewards and punishes always righteous. Ze does not allow zerself a misjudgement. Ze considers our environment and includes our neighbour in zis alternatives. The number of alternatives after a finite world is finite.

[695] Exceptions are the big jumps: from finite to infinite and from infinite to the next infinity level. They will take place when we have absolved a level to the full satisfaction of L. It may happen that neighbours are separated. But that does not mean that they can never find together. Everything gears to expansion, and there are links between the development levels.

[696] Divine beings establish them. They take a middle position, and are at home in linked development levels equally. But they do not overcome big jumps. They are special servants of L with a responsible job. It is not the highest service in the worlds of L. The divine instances take this over. Each being becomes in its life a divine instance.

[357] To commit suicide is not a crook sin: Who puts early an end to zis life, has to expect no punishment by L. However, an adequate reason for the suicide must be on hand, otherwise L can respect one not adequately. Such a reason is serious illness, further hopeless despair. It is no reason if L tells one that one is to commit suicide: Then ze wants only to examine one. In particular, L does not require suicide bombings.

[272] As long as the research is not yet so far, man must die. Ze becomes weaker, advanced in years, and makes it so for zis fellow men more easily to cope with zis death and to promote the evolution, as new humans obtain their chance. It would be mean and unfair from the eternal L, if ze would not likewise offer the eternal life to humans (in a subsequent world with zis memories, in which one meets also those one loves again).

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