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Relationship and Friendship

[611] Only few like to live without relationship and to many L is not enough. L knows both. The right relationship with L represents yet the highest and best that we can experience: L is enough for everyone. A relationship can make one very happy, but also very unhappy, the relationship with L only happy, but that in both cases depends on the inner development of the partners. Man needs relationship.

[612] The parents and educators are always the first one, L always the last one in life, if not in this, then in the following. The bestowment of an equivalent partner is but for all that something special. Equivalent does not mean same, but equally strong and complementary. That does not mean that friendships cannot also enrich us, but that we work closely connected with someone. A good relationship requires continuous care.

[613] Good is in friendship and relationship the mutual enrichment, in which each partner outgrows zerself: More than if ze would be alone. Assisting in good as in bad times cannot be replaced by something else. One experiences real help, can feel secure and can swap ideas on everything. Discordances and dissension with subsequent reconciliation belong also positively to friendship and relationship.

[614] Nothing can yet replace a good relationship with L: for it there must always remain time. One will be led to the limits of the think- and experienceable with an unsurpassed advantage that compensates all losses: You have all possible friendships and relationships in one and still more beyond that. One is best demanded and promoted. Done right nothing will miss.

[615] On the contrary: One has everything, worth aspiring to, in abundance. L puts the world at ones feet: everything runs the way as one imagines respectively how it makes sense. I. e. life with its vicissitudes survives, but one always makes more advances. L postulates independence, as ze is there for what one cannot achieve oneself. Therefore, ze can use zis infiniteness and parallel operation (model!).

[1787] Falling in love takes place on a subconscious, non-rational level. However, it is analysable. The positive complementary characteristics make a creature attractive. Together with wide similarities a successful relationship, can be built, which is strengthened by a synchronisation process. If the relationship bears up, it can justifiably build the basis for further forms of life.

[1788] Partners should be more or less equally strong, so that none can dominate another one. These strengths may well be on different fields. It is important to respect the disparity of somebody else and to integrate it positively into the relationship, also what concerns zis weaknesses. In a developed relationship, this is easier than in another one. Therefore it is important to work on zis relationships.

[1789] Who remains in a rut risks that they become boring and are on the rocks. This problem can exist in many respects. Every real success requires effort and in this context, it is to make oneself on the long run interesting and attractive. In a developed relationship, outward appearances are not sufficient for this. The inner values are to strengthen via the relationship with L.

[1790] For this purpose, the information that might be of interest for somebody else is to get and to transform into an appealing form. It includes a beautiful environment, the right mood and a good personal presentation. Who really loves somebody else knows how ze can give zer delight. It is the imagination and creativity that help one here. They are characteristics that cannot be bought, but very well acquired.

[1791] The natural associative ability makes them possible, if one takes care. No one is deprived of zis ability to give, if ze wants to. Only the karma may constrain it. Ultimately, the reluctance to want to give is to blame for the failure of so many relationships. This is yet exacerbated by an extensive taking. To give means also to change oneself, if this can save a relationship.

[1792] Who pursues too much zis own interests takes too much. Who serves too much other interests, neglects zis own ones. It is the right balance of give and take that constitutes a fulfilling relationship. Who gives properly, properly takes at the same time. The compensation may not take place until the future, but the seed is sown. However, it is unwise always to speculate on compensation, since one does not always rate everything right.

[1793] Thus, it may well be that L views something differently as one conceived it. The reward may burst like a soap bubble, if one has not reinsured in the relationship with L. To live zis life properly is to view the world properly, and this requires the corresponding cognition. This is acquired by effort in a relationship with L. Who restricts zerself only to other creatures and their knowledge goes wrong easily.

[1794] Without a certain degree of complexity of knowledge one may expect no great success. A too large complexity makes prejudiced and may overstrain oneself. There is no field of life where the right measure does not matter. This does not mean to devote oneself compulsively to this, but to act properly from zis experience, and to make unforcedly the best of each situation.

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