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Love for L

[247] The love for L should be deep and big. Furthermore, it is to be understood and without any reservation, since L is absolutely righteous as the highest judge. Ze has each reference to us and loves us after zis yardstick. We have to act in accordance to zer to arrange and not vice versa. We are to love L in entirety, even if we cannot grasp all parts. The love is to be like a blazing fire, so hot and with as much light. It should be selfless.

[255] The love for L cannot break since ze accepts and reflects it. We are only small in relation to L and also our love. But by it we turn to L completely and assimilate zer in our heart. The love is the key to our moral since it lets the latter go quite. It is the most powerful commandment because we are not able of more in relation to L. L turns to those that love zer.

[669] The love to a partner can be bigger than the love to L, but both forms of love are different: L is always of superordinate importance, but it is not coveting love, no talk on an equal footing. The respect is always between creature and L. As the love is another one, L does not forbid having a partner. To develop wholly, man needs (a) human partner(s).

[670] L has created many human beings, so that becomes possible. Ze demands no celibacy because the human partnership does not diminish zis importance for a person. It helps zer rather to transfer the partnership experience to zer, not one to one, but sublimed. But it is free to everyone to renunciate partnership to experience in renunciation that what L intends on richness for this renunciation.

[671] This includes the freedom and concentration on the essentials, the total devotion to L, who is shared with nobody. One does not lose zis personality, but develops it wholly by pursuing the objectives for L, without the need to compromise. The question arises whether a relationship on an equal footing then still is possible. Answer: only with a conversion of one’s behaviour.

[672] The grandness, one has won compared to L, is unreasonable for a normal human being: ze will always feel inferior or excluded because ze does not have the same experience, and often cannot even understand what grandness one achieves compared to L. Ze feels the extraordinary, but it eludes zis access. It gives zer the creeps, but is uncanny, and ze turns away.

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