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Atheism and Role of L

[290] An atheist is someone who ignores the part of L that exceeds the accessible of L - the world. Ze ignores beyond that the holy and the numinous as well as the word of L. Thus ze has limited reality. What the senses find cannot be explained materially. Like that, the colour perception is for example not alone derivable from the wavelength of the light. Humans cannot create anything fundamentally new, contrary to L.

[291] L presents zerself to me in a natural way: as ze is, without having to be error free and perfect. L is tired of the role of the kind-hearted, always approachable vis--vis that should be only good. Ze suffers and does not understand if someone does not want to suffer. Ze abolished the hell in love for the creation. Weakness is usually punished in our world. If man becomes too weak, ze dies.

[293] Ze has not any longer the viewpoint that the creatures must make also bad experiences how ze had to make them and has to when ze dogs the suffering of the creatures. Therefore, creatures must die: They leave the world like they came in order to stand with nothing as their memories opposite to L.

[655] Origin and goal are missing without L: If they are replaced by other things, they decrease to something less. In L all things come to completion. Who else should be yardstick of morality, personal development and perfectioning? Man in zis finiteness can not reach zer. The highest cognition is L and zis characteristics. From this we can report (at best) approximately adequately.

[921] One can solve ethical problems in discourse. One can achieve optimal solutions only if the participants are maximumly developed. If less developed set the tone and if one demands maximum consensus, the solutions turn out weaker since concessions must be made. This is the reason why L is indispensable and the word of L applies before the human one: L is the maximum developed being.

[922] Our life is to have always an aim: The aimless life is inefficient and loses sight of L. There is so much desirable to achieve in each world so that the possible aims never end. L wants us to choose zer as the ultimate aim. Then the rest results from zis word and our striving. If we do not have any aims, we also obtain no satisfaction from our achievements, but vegetate.

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