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Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Prophecy

[301] I love and admire in particular Jesus Christ, who made L intrepidly by his person accessible to us. The same applies to the prophets and in particular the prophet Mohammed, in order to call the most important enunciators from religions of L. It is time to go, however, beyond the knowledge of that time and to announce L newly and timely.

[302] Jesus Christ is divine since he descends directly from L. Therefore, he is worthy of our special attention, esteem and love. All others are human, which, however, does not mean that they are worthy of less love. L alone is worthy of the highest love. Jesus Christ developed himself further completely towards L. Therefore, we may not only judge him by his doings on earth, particularly since he did exclusively the will of L.

[305] L gave me the order to announce zis will on earth since ze recognised that it is time for this. For this, ze gave to me unusual political power, which, after I wielded it world-wide, I voluntarily gave off again since politics jars with my order. Highest authority, however, I do not have, but L alone.

[387] L chose me indeed as enunciator, lets me, however, work for everything. Ze can present zerself only as well as the enunciator actually refines zerself. The benefit that the enunciator derives from L is the collocutor, which does not give satisfying answers to all, but only help. In a probation world also the enunciator is not preferred. Finding the truth remains toilsome, particularly since creativity is involved.

[1159] I am not prophet, since L entrusted no message to me, but ze and I have jointly worked out the word of L. Therefore, I also do not annunciate as enunciator alone zis will, but L and I match our ideas. Ze helps me, but allows me my self-reliance, and we correct ourselves mutually, where we consider it appropriate. L sees no equivalent alternative to me as enunciator.

[415] It represents a special (to earn) honour of L to be allowed to write down the word of L for one epoch, in spite of my deficits. But it represents also a high responsibility and difficulty. Without including sufficient knowledge of its time and without anticipating it, the project is from the beginning doomed to failure. One must constantly project in the thoughts of L and try to do justice to zer.

[107] I made the experience that I am particularly well and that I am lucky - released perhaps by the fact that I subordinate myself to L completely and do everything in order to serve L in the best possible way. I am therefore requited and may feel out the deepest knowledge. I would like to show how fantastic L is and that it is worthwhile to serve L in the best possible way.

[314] L appears to humans so rarely because they do not love zer and do not put themselves in zis position. Ze would like a full decision for zer, who is unconditional and therefore cannot be proven. Ze would not like that someone precedes the science process by zis messages. Everyone should be a person of whose time, which is to continue normally.

[315] In rating humans, it helps man to be able to acknowledge to have worked out everything by zerself. These thoughts were partially revealed to me by L. All statements of L were reconsidered and rejected by me, if they were implausible. Therefore, it plays a subordinate role, which thought is from L and which is not. L is ready as I am to be corrected, if ze is wrong.

[1025] The word of L is to find and to view for everyone in its respective state for several years in two languages (German and English) who enters significant sentences, referring to L and man, into a search engine. Man is challenged to move towards L and enunciator, not the other way around: The decision for L and zis word should never be made too easy for anybody.

[1160] Every prophet is to pit against that what ze produces - in every respect. All prophets have to pit against the word of L. The one who annunciates the new word of L will be enunciator, not prophet. Ze will own all essential capabilities of a creature of zis time, and be under the special protection of L. Nobody will be able to thwart zer in any way.

[1161] If anyone should even try, L will punish zer severely. No poison, no harmful drug, no kind of torture, no obstacle of material or immaterial kind will hold the new enunciator up on zis way, even if zis annunciation will be ever so unwelcome. For, L will not acquiesce in, if zis representative in the world is injured in any way.

[1162] Because it would be extremely unwise to damage or even to put away the one who brings the utility to all the creatures that they themselves fail to effect. Even if they should succeed to hamstring the new enunciator, they would only punish themselves even more severely. Their conscience will bother them until they only want themselves to be punished most severely by L.

[1163] Since nothing is alien to L, ze knows every agony that is suitable to atone what they wreaked. Each suffering that we find in our world shows them what then comes up to them. L has no reason to withhold from them what others have to suffer because they have behaved wrongly, worse yet, if ever. Only a redress under all conditions of L is for L alone acceptable.

[1164] By the low number of enunciators we can recognise how difficult this task must be. Nearly all creatures have rejected it for themselves, even less they can fulfil it just approximately, even if they wanted to. For, the enunciator must face up to any really important question - in the order of their urgency. From this may only bar zer the feasibility and prevailing circumstances.

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