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Our World

[656] We should not expect to proceed too rapidly because we can tap only the potential of our time. It is an illusion to assume to be able to outgrow the possible. When we still try to do it, we always will be thrown back to familiar again and again because the corresponding channels were not yet opened by L: The corresponding substances are still not in our world.

[657] The world is imaginable as a multidimensional "tape", where the "read head" represents the presence and the two ends past and future. The past is clipped off as inaccessible in every point in time of the present and packed in the memory of L. On the end of the future lay the new substances and references, which the "read head" connects in the present with the past.

[658] If there is dispute about the has-been, L can always play the "tape" and show who has when experienced what. L has on the future only the overview of the substances that ze wants to insert, and the possible world as it is derived from the present. The more likely the events are, the better the "tape" can be read. The gaps are filled in the present each time.

[659] A forbiddance can be most easily realised by non-accessibility: The forbidden is located outside the world. It is very difficult for us to send something outside our thinking: What once has been and has (had) certain significance for us can be hardly destroyed. Therefore, there should be no prohibitions of thought: They lead to an illness. That is why personal development is so important.

[660] If we develop, everything gets its proper significance. The forbidden remains conceivable, but it becomes unimportant. One can dispose of the unloved by binding it to something that can be set behind a "wall". As thoughts are tied to matter, they can only influence it by tying thoughts and matter to a third substance, which one can use to exchange.

[661] By this assumption, thoughts can influence bodies, and vice versa. The third substance is to be called amfon. The binding takes place by references. The amfon is not perceptible sensually, but only by its mental and physical bonds. The amfon is reproduced like matter and thoughts, too. It is in the imagination closer to the matter. The mimeographed amfon is extended, as it otherwise would be point-shaped.

[972] The basis of a world improvement can be found in the word of L and therefore in the field of religion. The crucial benchmark of cognition is missing to the various sciences different from theology: L. They cannot answer satisfactorily certain questions without referring to L - for example, why the world is as it is, or what the meaning of life is or of virtue and morality.

[973] Because without reference to L, we remain in the self-interestedness and can behave at discretion. If there is no subsequent life, we must get everything done in this world and to do that we have too little time. Many are dying all too early, so we must ask ourselves, where justice remains. Because L is absent, the world seems unjust and harsh. Hope for a better life dies down quickly, on the evidence of the found reality.

[974] The world remains without L opaque. Since other worlds beyond our universe do not exist, the question arises why there emerged nothing better. But since we can imagine something better, it should exist yet also anywhere. What reason could somebody have to be content with significantly less? For to count our world among the best possible ones misjudges the reality grossly.

[975] The majority of people living at the current time have the right to be dissatisfied with their world: where hunger and misery, terror and war, corruption and mismanagement prevail, one cannot speak of the best possible. Who does not believe this, may go into a Third World country and live there as an ordinary citizen until zis dying day - with no special concessions. Ze will long to return to zis old life.

[1196]There were five types of our world which differed in their level of development related to L. The sixth world emerged from the fifth one, the most evil one with the lowest level of development, after the people had killed me so often that L could not longer stomach it and divided the world. Everybody is brought together again with zis contra-part from the other world after zis death.

[1197] The new sixth world must now get on without me. Since it is not possible to kill me in the new world and I each time just fell asleep in the old world, when one killed me, I have nothing realised of the murders. It is indication of evil that it gets rid of that, what hinders it from getting in a comfortable way what it desires, instead of relinquishing like the good.

[1198] It is just easy to cumulate property and to defend it expensively, rather than to provide for an equitable distribution in the world. One ignores readily poverty in the world if it goes one sufficiently well and without consequences. One lets the few powerful tell to one what one has to do and what not, since one believes to be unable to do something against them. Since nobody survives long to fight against the prevailing world order, one lets it be.

[1026] The decision which form of life and which residence in the universe a creature takes in the future must be thoroughly prepared and considered as it applies for a longer period of time. The greater the distance (e.g. between planets) is, the less often one can visit other places. Although the communication options may be abundant, the personal contact is sometimes to prefer.

[673] L and the divine instances are more involved in all the processes than we assume. We are always confronted with real alternatives, among which we have a, in principle, free choice if certain preconditions are withdrawn. We are put under the microscope. At the end of each year - before the day of L - we are perused and are deemed about our future.

[674] The growth of living beings is a complicated process. L has herein largely diverged from interventions. There are structures and fields that today are little explored. A purely material coding is in no way sufficient to describe it. Here laws and principles act that were not visible until now. These are the subject of divine creativity and genius.

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