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The Acting of L in the World

[358] Nothing can separate us from L, even the sin cannot. L always sticks by us and worries about us, albeit not always directly and by zerself. For this, there are amongst others the divine instances, the Messiahs, the angels and the spirit guides. I am cared for only by L, who smoothes the way for me, but gives me plenty of rope. I set myself the target of letting only the best be good enough in order to satisfy L (qualitative approach).

[424] L makes sure that inventions are made in due time: neither too many nor too less, neither too early nor too late. Therefore inventions and new things are to produce so difficult, therefore humans do not have an unimpaired access to truth. The inventors and geniuses deserve our special thanks. They are those that deserve the highest acknowledgment together with the benefactors of mankind.

[479] We can only bring up L in us if our ego facilitates zer sufficiently. This does not mean complete, unconditional devotion, but a healthy awareness of the self. L gave us all the possibilities that we can discover zer in us and shift for ourselves. It presupposes work and own internal development that we please zer. L is prepared to have a word with us, but we must do something for that.

[986] The language of L corresponds to the complexity of the worlds. In higher worlds one communicates multidimensionally, in (in-) finite worlds (in-) finite language packets are exchanged. The latter equate to partial worlds in that a separate reality is set up from substances and references, according to the intentions. Abstracta and complex issues are represented by appropriate simplifications.

[987] All people communicating have in common that they can separate the contents that they want to transfer from those they do not want to transfer. If it were not so, the world would be less liveable as it is: There would be neither secrets nor surprises. Everybody would be confronted with the truth (of everybody): One would see all abysms and depths and would experience all flights of fancy. One has to be able to eight-bound in order to be happy.

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