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Preparation for Life After Death and Unification with L

[483] If we are prepared to give up our individual existence with its history, L is even willing to that we become L: We are then completely L and live zis life. This unification form is called complete unification with L. Some creatures already went this way. It is the absolute fulfilment. There is nothing that could be compared with it. The freedom is limitless and the responsibility weighs heavily.

[484] The beauty of L results from zis characteristics. The fact that also bad ones are among them in the minority does not reduce zis beauty, but strengthens it: L is not kitsch. We should always realise that the life of L is complicated, not simple and that L knows how to control this complexity. The unifications with L naturally stand at the end of the way through zis worlds.

[485] This does not mean that we must have lived through each world, but select in consultation with L and/or the divine instances the subsequent worlds that we want to live in. It is a good preparing exercise to be divine instance of a world. It makes the weight of the responsibility of L clear for us. But there is also fulfilment in it since we may live an independent life in addition to this task.

[486] We do not, however, become divine instance immediately after our death, but are exhaustively prepared for it. Some must go a long way before they can take over this task. There is, however, nothing that for a creature would not be attainable if it fulfils the presuppositions that lie all in the realms of the feasible. It is important that we prepare already betimes for these tasks.

[487] This preparation is part of a natural process since we have the need for the new in certain intervals: Nobody would like to remain for longest periods on one level. One can imagine this like a development urge. The preparation should cover all fields of the human life. This does, however, not mean that we make each experience, but manage virtuously what we want to experience.

[488] L is presupposition for the preparation since the world is not complete without zer: The most important is missing at all. L shows one the worlds not just now since the danger exists that too many leave this world in order to change into a better one. We can do much in this world for L and zis creatures: Although it is finite, there are still tasks enough that look for a solution. L helps us, if we only want that.

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