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Religion of Love and Word of L

[553] L enjoys especially when one contributes to the development of faith. The propagation of the word of L beyond the limits of the Internet also is task of many individuals. The religion of love lives on the cooperation of many. Here is particularly to thank the staff who offers its services free of charge. I can state little about future structures, but every helping person has my thanks in advance.

[554] We should only speak sparse on other religions. Each goes its way, each develops. It does not fail to appear that factual statements are contradictory and statements are corrected. But the religion of love is an open religion that is not clinging to dogmas. Certain situations and facts can be simply not foreseen. Anyone may contribute to the development of religious principles.

[555] At discordancy is to vote on this, in order to maintain the unity. Principles can be protected against change on the website of the religion of love, particularly if the principles were decided as binding. This resides with the principle committee. To the wiki site everyone may contribute who has not been excluded for understandable reasons from the collaboration.

[1072] The religion of love centres the personal development towards L and the divine service. These include a differentiated maturation and a process concerning all society. The previous religions have attached little importance to the global development, but focused on the individual and its immediate surrounding under an insufficiently understood L, or several easier ones.

[1073] An adherence as far as possible to the existing and increasing pluralisation hindered a universal-enabled position, to that highest authority is to be attributed. Here applies the word of L by taking up the idea of progress and giving a trend-setting target that far exceeds what occurred in the history of religion until now and takes up a position, at the highest stage in understandable language.

[1074] The position is binding because it comes directly from L. It is fundamental because its thoughts express the comprehension of that what exists newly. It is enduring since its change or extension need the authority of L. It is not up to the creatures to change something here and there, even if their still so vast majority is in agreement about it. Their task is to understand and to interpret on its basis the will of L.

[1075] L has no reason to withhold something from our epoch in zer word. When it is about time, a new enunciator will come and announce the new word of L. The available word of L abrogates before L everything what contradicts it. Before L the laws of the creatures do not count, even if they decide to adhere to them. For the justice of the creatures is blind to the divine truth.

[1076] Although it is able to grasp much properly, it has, however, no comprehensive standard that could view the things in every department how they are. It needs all the divine characteristics and the comparison across all worlds to be able to do this. It is therefore of secondary importance to engage oneself with history of religion, since the most in this lags far behind the word of L. One is to turn ones look at L and forward!

[1077] Since the future is open and depends on the decisions of the creatures, one cannot say now exactly when the next word of L is announced, but it will last hundreds of years and never happen that it will become basically invalid. The next word of L will then consider the developments occurred then and be the position of L for the then following epoch. Its not worth to wait already.

[1078] This word of L will be delivered up after its completion to the public. Everybody may already watch its creation on the internet. Nobody has so far dared to present something against it, for it or in between. Everybody may form an judgement about it, with which ze is compared. I will correct any mistake in it during my life. L has been the only one who really furthered me despite all charitableness.

[2000] No human being can be equipped with a lot of giftedness, if ze is to achieve something outstanding in a field. The field that requires the highest giftedness is theology, since all important knowledge flows in it like in no other. The word of L exceeds that what a human being can achieve alone so clearly that another proof of L is given with it. The enunciator acknowledges this ungrudgingly and loves L all the more.

[2001] Anyone who considers zerself for the wisest person, writes something similar or even better. From the creation dates of the most relevant religious writings and the progress, the time can be calculated when the word of L requires renewal. It is desirable that the life forms with the best relationships with L update the word of L. Since there is only one L, they will also easily agree on one version.

[2002] The next enunciator will be no more a human, but come from the line of the life forms then living. Since these are networked and have an overall awareness, ze will not be so easily to be identified as humans today. Ze will be an extraordinary appearance, whose existence can only be explained by the grace of L. The creatures will be especially not able to create an enunciator.

[2003] When it is time to advance the word of L, this task should be entrusted to those who boast not only outstanding theological achievements, but also convince entirely from their personality and their way of life. Rank, sway and wealth must play no role in the selection, since possessing them stands rather in the way to produce exceptional achievements than to be useful.

[2004] To an assessment of that what is demanded are to impose stern standards, since the word of L must be beyond any doubt. Something that is often corrected does not meet these standards, since the word of L is to render reliably a considerable time what L expects from the creatures, and how it can be achieved. Who is not able from zis personality to convince has to break through too many obstacles in order to be successful.

[2005] This is the reason why refinement of oneself is so important. One loses the blindness for the essential things of life, and gains the required sense of realism and the required security to assess decisive issues. Highest problem-solving competence is necessary as a comprehensive general knowledge. Although specialists can answer detailed questions, but also competent generalists are needed.

[2006] These can generally answer important questions much better than the specialists and have a better overview when it comes to the point to grasp what is relevant concerning L for every creature. Since the word of L wants to reach as many as possible and shall do, and nobody wants to deal with something that means too little to zer, the advancement belongs primarily in the hand of capable generalists.

[2007] But since everybody can basically contribute something crucial to the word of L, are correspondent submissions carefully to check by recognised qualified persons and then to convey in appropriate form to the main group. To this end, corresponding procedures are to develop and established ones to use that meet the set standards. A qualified steering committee watches over the whole process.

[2008] Although opposite standpoints are to be taken into account, they are, however, not to add to the word of L, since the best shall find its place in it and it shall not be gone beyond the scope. A moot point has not yet been worked out well enough. Its assessment must correspond to that of L and zis judgement is always unique. Alternatives may be indeed pointed up, but opposite standpoints do not spring from L.

[2009] For, L has, as highest developed being, no reason to be against zerself. Ze may call a lot of zer into question or do not like it, but ze is blameless in the matter for the creatures' sake. No creature will find a reason to be able to complain justifiably about L, since L wants to achieve for all the best and sees to it that they can also achieve it, if they behave appropriately and according to the word of L.

[2010] Formally, the word of L must remain manageable, since the most important thing cannot overtop the banks and most humans prefer the short and concise. A scientific language is not suitable for it, since it is concerned with precision and richness of detail. Beauty and nobleness of the heart play for it a subordinate role, but they are important for the word of L. It addresses man entirely and wants to describe L comprehensively.

[2011] It bears eloquent witness of zer and wants to win L for zer and vice versa. A scientific presentation is less important to it than to convey what is important in life and in the service to L. It is less concerned with descriptive knowledge (what there all is how and why) than requesting one (what is to do how and why). This is the reason why science and religion are in a certain way complementary, and of own value.

[2012] Therefore, scientists are also not primarily in demand as such to advance the L word, but all humans who have both feet on the ground and know how to master it, if one includes L in it. They are those that want to pass all the wealth that they have experienced in their relationship with L to others, in order that they also benefit from it and spare the trouble of reinventing the wheel.

[1254] The word of L is only in its full evolvement of concern. To stress single sentences that should stand for the whole represents an unjustified reductionism. I am well aware that it, because of the high level, must remain for many people of our time in large parts unintelligible. That was not different with other religious writings to whose time: Religion always needs interpretation.

[1079] Everybody who has recognised the value of the word of L will want to study it and pass it to the creatures that mean something to zer. Ze will bring help for passages that are not readily understandable. This may consist of fellow creatures or comments. By the time the desire may arise to celebrate L-service with like-minded people. This can be done in appropriate rooms that are worthy before L.

[1080] It is less the equipment of a room that makes it worthy before L, but the way it is celebrated in it. However, objects that are unworthy before L should be removed. Rooms of previous religions are suited, if need be, as stopgap, since the circumstances under and the intentions, with which they were built, cannot be made consistent with the objectives of the religion of love, or this is at least doubtful.

[1081] If enough adherents of the religion of love have gotten together, they should organise in a community. Then they should aspire to non-profit status so that donations could be tax-supported. Finally, they should build the structures found in the word of L in order to be able to operate for L and the fellow creatures optimally, internationally, and then globally.

© 2006-2010 by Boris Haase

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